Astralis Complete The Reverse Sweep Against Na’Vi to Win ESL Pro League S12


Astralis Complete The Reverse Sweep Against Na’Vi to Win ESL Pro League S12

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Astralis defeat Na'Vi to claim ESL Pro League Season 12 title.
  • Astralis comeback from a '2-0' deficit to win the series '3-2'.
  • s1mple is declared at the 'ESL Pro League Season 12 MVP'.

The grand finale of ESL Pro League Season 12 - Europe has come to an end with Astralis walking away as the champions. The Danes who had a one map disadvantage coming into the finale had to slog it out tonight, as they successfully came back from a ‘2-0’ deficit after losing the first map to take the series ‘3-2’ in their favor.

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Astralis Complete The Reverse Sweep

Na’Vi had come into the finale through the upper bracket securing themselves a one map advantage but unfortunately, this was not enough to secure them the title as Astralis stood up to the daunting challenge and fought them tooth and nail to make a successful comeback.

Astralis Complete The Reverse Sweep Against Na’Vi to Win ESL Pro League S12

The Danes lost the first game on Dust 2 as electronic unloaded on them continuing to display his superb form, but the happiness was short lived as Astralis secured a ‘16-14’ win in the next game on Nuke. With the series tied ‘2-1’, the next game on Train became the most heavily contested map of this faceoff going into double overtime before Astralis were able to secure victory.

Tempers ran high as the two teams clashed for one final time on Overpass as Astralis slowly but surely ensured that they came out on top as the eventual winners of the tournament. Na’Vi seemed to have lost steam by the time the last game was played as the score difference turned out to be the highest of the series.

Every member of Astralis pitched in at different points of time, it was the new guy Patrick "es3tag" Hansen who played a huge role in the team’s victory on Train, it was the classic duo of Emil "Magisk" Reif and Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz that secured the last map for the side, while it was their in-game leader Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander himself who ensured that they won on Nuke.

Na’Vi also gave a tough fight but could not hold back Astralis. Their star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev did not have the best outing but Denis "electronic" Sharipov on the other hand was making quite the moves for his side.

However, this did not stop the Ukrainian from being awarded the MVP of the tournament award for attaining a mind-blowing K-D of +217 along with a 1.35 overall rating.

Astralis Complete The Reverse Sweep Against Na’Vi to Win ESL Pro League S12

This is Astralis’ first victory since May when they won the ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe. The team looks to be in great shape and if they continue to perform like this the number one spot might soon be theirs again.

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