Karrigan Reports CS:GO Freeze Problem - “It happened few times in EPL”


Karrigan Reports CS:GO Freeze Problem - “It happened few times in EPL”

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Karrigan asks for help as he faces recurring CS:GO screen freeze problem.
  • He says that once the problem occurs the only way out is to close the game through task manager.
  • The issue has been problematic as it has already occurred a few times during the ESL Pro League.

Mousesports in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen has reported a recurring problem that he has been facing with CS:GO. The 30-year-old via a Tweet reported that recently CS:GO has been freezing a lot for him and it has caused some problems as it happened a few times during ESL Pro League as well.

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Karrigan Complains About CS:GO Freeze Problem

After losing to Na’Vi ‘2-1’ in the opening match of the ESL Pro League Season 12 playoffs, Karrigan took to Twitter asking for help as he revealed to have been facing a recurring problem with CS:GO. 

According to him the game randomly freezes but he is still able to move in-game and can even hear sounds, the screen does not go black but everything on it remains stuck giving no visual feedback to the player. This has been a big problem for karrigan as he says that “It happened (a) few times in ESL Pro League already and it happened today as well.”

This means that while playing against Na’Vi karrigan had faced this same problem which is being reported by other players as well. Replying to karrigan’s Tweet both Jacob "Pimp" Winneche and Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz revealed to have been facing the same problem recently.

While Pimp said that he faced this issue on a weekly basis, tabseN confessed that he had faced the exact same issue at least two times so far during the ESL Pro League.

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Some users called out karrigan for making an excuse for losing to Na’Vi after securing a one-game lead by winning the first map on Nuke by a huge ‘16-5’ scoreline. But the majority of the users offered help while stating that even they face similar issues.

Maybe Valve needs to look into the matter, though a few users were off the opinion that it is not the game’s fault and it might have something to do with the GPU getting overheated.

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