OG to Continue With ruggah as CS:GO Coach After Ban Sentence

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • OG's CS:GO coach ruggah has been banned for 3.75 months following ESIC's preliminary report.
  • Effective immediately the coach has started serving his ban.
  • OG has decided to continue with ruggah as their coach after his ban sentence.

Earlier today ESIC had announced that it was banning 37 CS:GO coaches for abusing the spectator bug as part of their preliminary report. One of the names in the list was that of Casper “ruggah” Due who has stepped away from his responsibilities as OG’s coach for the next 3.75 months effective immediately. But despite the Dane being handed a ban for encountering the bug once at ESL Pro League Season 4 - Europe, OG has decided to continue working with him after the ban period is served.

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OG Decides To Continue With Ruggah As Their CS:GO Coach

Following ESIC’s announcement, OG went on to reveal that ruggah had actually come forward with his confession of having encountered the spectator bug once before joining the team and that they had even offered their collaboration to ESIC during the investigation.

In today’s report ruggah was handed a ban of 3.75 months which effective immediately he has started to fulfil according to OG, who went on to say that after having discussed with all the players and staff,

“We decided that Casper deserves a second chance and we want to continue working with him.”

This means that after having served his ban sentence the 32-year-old Dane would be returning as OG’s CS:GO coach and will continue working with the organization.

OG to Continue With ruggah as CS:GO Coach After Ban Sentence

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OG signed ruggah as their coach in January this year following which the Danish esports organization has gone on to compete in multiple top-tier CS:GO tournaments. Sadly the team has not been able to achieve anything significant despite showing glimpses of hope every now and then.

As per the report, ruggah had encountered the bug during ESL Pro League Season 4 - Europe back in August 2016 when he was the coach of Dignitas. He had used the bug for only a single round against, this was the one time when ruggah had exploited the bug.

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