Pronax Calls Out Karrigan For Disrespecting Him


Pronax Calls Out Karrigan For Disrespecting Him

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Pronax calls out Karrigan for disrespecting him in an old interview.
  • The two engage in an argument on Twitter as theScore esports gets caught up in the middle of it.
  • Both the players apologise to each other but pronax is still not properly convinced.

CS:GO legend Markus "pronax" Wallsten called out mousesports’ in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen on Twitter for allegedly disrespecting him in an old interview.

Karrigan immediately replied claiming that the clip was edited and that he would never say such things about other players. However, a representative of theScore esports stepped forward to reveal that the clip used in their video was not manipulated in any way, and that the Trump graphic that was added on the clip that was shared by pronax was not added by theScore esports in their original video.

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Pronax Calls Out Karrigan

The three-time Major winner was clearly not happy to hear what karrigan had to say about him in the interview as he shared the clip while harshly stating that karrigan would never come close to what he has achieved and that he would be surprised if anyone even remembered him after he quit.

Karrigan instead of hitting back at the Swede was taken aback as he responded by saying, “Where did you find this because I never said anything like this?”

As the argument gained momentum many users came forward saying that the clip had been edited or manipulated, before karrigan (via a separate Tweet) came forward to say that pronax should not believe everything he comes across on the internet, claiming that the clip was "clearly edited".

theScore esports Comes Under Fire

Pronax revealed that the clip was taken from one of theScore esports’ YouTube videos and as Karrigan had said that the clip was edited, all suspicion turned towards them as users felt that they had altered the original video in some manner.

Karrigan also accused theScore esports of manipulating the clip in a manner that made his statement seem derogatory. He went on to state that he had originally given the interview to FaZe Clan and theScore esports had simply taken a part of it for use in their video.

However, supervising editor at theScore esports, Colin McNeil, said via a Tweet that that the audio used in the clip was from one of their own interviews and that “it was not manipulated/faked/cheated in any way whatsoever.” This meant that whatever karrigan had stated earlier was incorrect as McNeil added that he had double-checked the same with the raw interview video file as well.

McNeil went on to say that they have the highest journalistic standards in mind when producing video documentary series and that they do not fake or manipulate footage to change words. He concluded by offering to talk with either party to confirm this.

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End Of The Argument?

After being proved wrong karrigan said that he would never do interviews with theScore esports ever again as he continued to claim that his footage was used in a derogatory way. He went on to apologize to pronax while calling out theScore for allegedly using the clip to bash pronax.

Even pronax came forward with an apology though he still felt that what karrigan said was pretty straight forward regardless of how he wants to put it. He goes on to praise him by saying that “I have always seen him as a good guy, and he’s a beast IGL.”

Both the players have unfollowed each other on Twitter and while the argument between them seems to have settled. The CS:GO community members are not too happy with theScore esports as they believe that they had interviewed Karrigan for a video titled “The Eternally Kicked Genius: The Story of karrigan” and used his response in another video titled “The Tragedy of pronax: The Legend Who Stayed Too Long” which they believe to be intentional manipulation.

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