CS:GO Pro ImpressioN Leaves BTRG Due to Breach of Contract


CS:GO Pro ImpressioN Leaves BTRG Due to Breach of Contract

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Singaporean CS:GO pro ImpressioN leaves Chinese organization BTRG.
  • He states that the primary reason for him leaving the team was the breach of contract.
  • ImpressioN takes a break following his departure due to fatigue and burnout.

Singaporean CS:GO pro Anthony "ImpressioN" Lim announced earlier today that he has parted ways with Chinese esports organization BTRG citing breach of contract by the organization over the last 3 months. He said that despite there being problems he stuck around with the team and tried to reach an amicable solution but as certain issues still remained unresolved, he took a decision to “take a break from this hectic year of 2020.”

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ImpressioN Leaves Chinese Organization BTRG

The 24-year-old Singaporean rifler who was also the in-game leader for BTRG announced his departure from the Chinese organization following months of turmoil due to unresolved issues with the organization and work overload, which lead to stress, fatigue, and eventual burnout, forcing him to take a break and step down from the roster. 

He claims that during the last 3 months BTRG had breached the terms of the contract that they had agreed upon, as he worked tirelessly as the team’s point of contact with the organization because he was the only one that could speak and understand Chinese. 

“BTRG had breached terms of the contract that we've agreed upon and despite that; we worked together to try and solve the issue so as to extend our cooperation.”

ImpressioN also says that he overworked himself for a long time until Piyangoon “MYM” Kitisin joined the team as the coach and took on some of the responsibilities from him. Before that he used to take care of the following responsibilities,

  • Communicating with the organization.
  • Arranging practices for the team.
  • Setting daily tasks/goals for practice.
  • Fixing mistakes conducted by the team.
  • Maintaining his own personal play time.

Despite the mental and physical stress ImpressioN states that he was handling the situation well and his individual performance had also improved quite a lot, which is evident from the player’s HLTV stats for the last 3 months.

In a statement given to AFK Gaming ImpressioN said that “I was dealing with it pretty good all the way up until the last two weeks, every freaking day I was trying to solve the problem but the org basically didn’t want to work hand-in-hand with me to solve it. So that was when everything crashed on me together fatigue, stress, etc. Which lead to insomnia, heartburn, and acid reflux, so eventually I drew the line and just left.”

He went on to thanks all the players, wishing them the best going ahead while also announcing a short break so as to “recover physically and mentally and weigh my options before deciding on my next venture.”

AFK Gaming reached out to BTRG for a comment as well but at the time of writing this article we have received no response from them. ImpressioN is now a free agent who is looking forward to work in Counter-Strike as a player, coach, or even an analyst, let’s see what lies ahead for the experienced IGL.

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