Moses Talks About Salary Former CS:GO Star Players Get in VALORANT


Moses Talks About Salary Former CS:GO Star Players Get in VALORANT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Moses talks about the salary of star VALORANT pros who were former CS:GO players.
  • He discusses the following on a podcast along with JW and Thorin.
  • Moses also talks about how these players are getting paid so much in the absence of a competitive scene.

Ever since Riot’s first-person tactical shooter came out a lot of tier-two players along with a few top-level pros have left Counter-Strike to take on a new challenge. While this shift was expected the pace at which it took place certainly caught many by surprise as quite a lot of organizations already field a VALORANT roster without there being a proper competitive circuit. 

Talking about this on Duncan "Thorin" Shields’ podcast ‘Counter-Points’, Team Liquid’s new coach Jason "moses" O'Toole was seen discussing the salaries some of these former CS:GO players are getting for playing VALORANT.

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How Much Are Former CS:GO Players Getting Paid In VALORANT?

Moses in one segment of the podcast spoke about how some CS:GO players tried to “cash in on like a quick buck with VALORANT, get involved there.” And though he did feel frustrated in the beginning as he admits to being a hardcore Counter-Strike supporter, once he started to hear about the salaries some of the former CS:GO players were being offered in VALORANT his point of view on the matter completely changed.

“Some of these numbers that are being thrown around about some of these guys are like $20,000 - $30,000 a month to go play competitive VALORANT and there is not even a professional organized structure yet. It is just Ignition Series events.”

This gives us a fair idea as to why some of the washed-up, struggling, and tier-two former CS:GO players might have jumped the ship comfortably without any second thoughts.

Recently North American esports organization Cloud9 started the practice of making some of their player contract details public knowledge, which gives us something to compare these VALORANT salaries to.

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However, these salaries might not be the general norm and as per moses is only offered to top-notch players which might include some famous names like Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, Joshua "steel" Nissan, Oscar "mixwell" Colocho, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, and other players of their caliber.

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