NiKo Talks About FaZe’s Roster Shuffles Following Thorin’s Criticism

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NiKo Talks About FaZe’s Roster Shuffles Following Thorin’s Criticism


  • NiKo refutes being in charge of FaZe Clan's roster shuffles.
  • He defends himself as majority of the community calls him out for making certain roster changes.
  • The 23-year-old is open to do a podcast or an interview to give more clarity.

A day after Duncan "Thorin" Shields heavily criticised the in-game leader of FaZe Clan Nikola “NiKo” Kovac for taking charge of the lineup and also for making multiple questionable roster moves, the 23-year-old entry fragger has responded by refuting his involvement with any roster shuffles that the team has ever made. 

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He even went on to say that he is open for an interview or a podcast where he can explain “How everything worked out from the moment I joined FaZe Clan,” in order to provide more clarity on the situation as the majority of the community believes that it is NiKo who is calling the shots when it comes to managing the lineup outside of the game.

NiKo Speaks Up About FaZe Clan’s Roster Shuffles 

NiKo is one of the most talented CS:GO player in the world who is often compared to Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, but despite being such a great player he has not been able to perform his best facing harsh criticism by the community. 

The reason for his drop in performance is attributed to him being the in-game leader for FaZe Clan, a position that he is clearly not comfortable with while also hindering him from giving his best. If this was not already enough the majority of the community has now turned against the player for FaZe Clan’s highly questionable player signings and roster shuffles, as they believe that NiKo is the guy calling the shots for FaZe Clan.

Speaking upon the topic NiKo came forward to say that “I can’t believe that most of (the) community thinks that I’m the one who was/is in the charge of all the changes happened in our team.” He went on to say that to give more clarity as to how everything worked out since he joined FaZe Clan “I’m open to do a podcast/interview.”

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Various players came in support of NiKo saying that the community has the power to turn speculation into reality and that they know us (the players) better then we know ourselves. The whole truth will only come in front once NiKo has given his side of the story in detail, until then it better to take everything with a pinch of salt.

NiKo Talks About FaZe’s Roster Shuffles Following Thorin’s Criticism

One thing which is clear as day is that FaZe Clan is facing some serious issues and that NiKo is not fit to be the in-game leader of this lineup. But despite knowing this FaZe does not seem to be too keen on signing a player with enough experience as an IGL and this seems to irk its supporters.

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