Pros And Talents React to MIBR Parting Ways With Its Core Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Pros and Talents react to MIBR's recent decision to part ways with its core players.
  • It is a mixed bag of reactions but majority of them are positive.
  • The future of MIBR and the players is currently unknown.

Earlier today MIBR took a huge decision to undergo a few changes as the management announced the departure of Fernando "⁠fer⁠" Alvarenga, Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo, and their coach Ricardo "⁠dead⁠" Sinigaglia. This was soon followed by Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo taking a personal decision to step down from the active roster while Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe voiced his dissatisfaction with all of it.

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As the news spread like wildfire consuming the entire CS:GO community a lot of pros and talents came forward to give their opinion on the matter, so let’s see what a few of them had to say.

Pros And Talents React To MIBR's Recent Decision

Karrigan Calls Them Legends

Mousesports in-game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen said that he feels sad to see the legends depart MIBR. He further wished them luck and highlighted their incredible work ethic.

Astralis Members Speak Their Mind

Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, and Danny "zonic" Sørensen wished the player the best going forward.

Zonic had a bit more to say though as he stated that despite MIBR not playing well in recent times “you can NEVER doubt their effort in grinding and working hard.”

Thorin And Richard Lewis

Thorin was of the opinion that despite MIBR giving them so many chances the players were still blaming the organization for their failures.

A similar thought was put forth by Lewis as well who talked about the argument between MIBR players and Gaules, while also taking a jab at TACO.

JW Brings An Emotional Touch

The swede brushing all their disputes aside straight up said that “It saddens me to see the MIBR core split.” He talks about their incredible legacy while wishing both the players and the organization the best of luck going forward.

Vince With The Facts

The British talent while acknowledging their “inspiring and powerful” story also spoke about how “delusions of grandeur, arrogance, and unrivaled levels of narcissism” became their downfall.

Pros And Talents React to MIBR Parting Ways With Its Core Players

Alesund Gets It Right

GeT_RiGhT was in shock after hearing the news as he says that no matter what the Brazilian team might have gone through in recent times, “You can Never ever discredit what they have achieved and done.”

A lot more players and talents came out and spoke on the matter, the Brazilian CS:GO community rallied behind the players with Cloud9 already teasing signing TACO to their new roster, something that could in fact be true as the organization still has four vacant spots on the roster. 

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With MIBR stating that more roster adjustments will be announced in the coming weeks, let’s see what the future holds for both the players and the organization.

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