ENCE Suspends CS:GO Coach Twista as he Admits Facing Coaching Bug


ENCE Suspends CS:GO Coach Twista as he Admits Facing Coaching Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • ENCE suspends head coach Twista for admitting having faced the coaching bug once back in 2017.
  • ESIC will be investigating the matter which will take anywhere between 2-3 weeks.
  • Twista was the coach a Maltese CS:GO team iGame.com when he faced the bug.

Finnish esports organization ENCE has suspended their head coach Slaava "Twista" Rasanen following his confession of a one-time coaching bug incident which took place three years ago in 2017. The announcement was directly made by ENCE as Twista chose not to make a public statement from his side unlike other coaches like Faruk "pita" Pita, Allan "Rejin" Petersen, and more.

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ENCE Suspends Head Coach Twista

Twista has been suspended by ENCE following his admission of a one-time coaching bug incident which occurred back in 2017 when he was not even part of the Finnish organization. After consulting with ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) who has already announced that it will be conducting a thorough investigation on the coaching bug matter going all the way to 2016, ENCE took a decision to suspend Twista from his duties until further notice.

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ENCE has informed that the investigation will be taking 2-3 weeks after having discussed the matter with ESIC, only after this investigation comes to an end will a more detailed statement be provided by ENCE. The organization believes that Twista has had no foul play during his time with ENCE and that they take competitive integrity very seriously. More information on the matter will be revealed once the investigation has concluded.

In 2017 Twista used to coach a Maltese esports organization iGame.com after which he had joined ENCE in August 2018. Which means that the coaching bug incident, in this case, took place when he was coaching iGame.com which was hardly even a Tier-2 team.

Unlike other coaches like pita and Rejin who came forward with their confessions publicly and then their organization took actions against them, Twista chose to directly speak with ENCE behind closed doors with the organization then breaking the news to everyone.

Though Twista followed up with a Tweet after ENCE had given its statement on the matter, I think the whole matter would have been better received by the community if Twista would have come forward himself to admit having faced the exploit once in the past. Let’s see what result does the ongoing investigation bear.

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