MIBR And Hard Legion’s RMR Points to be Reset Due to Spectator Bug Use

MIBR And Hard Legion’s RMR Points to be Reset Due to Spectator Bug Use

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve finally addresses the spectator bug incident.
  • Both MIBR and Hard Legion to lose their RMR points.
  • No actions taken against accused coaches till now, decision to be taken after the investigation completes.

After more than a week of silence on the spectator bug incident Valve has finally spoken up on the issue stating that “Any teams that were disqualified for exploiting this bug during an RMR event will have their RMR points reset.” This means that both MIBR and Hard Legion will be losing out on their RMR points due to their coaches Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia and Aleksandr "MechanoGun" Bogatiryev abusing the spectator bug at ESL One: Road to Rio and cs_summit 6.

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Valve Speaks On Spectator Bug Use

Valve has made its stance very clear on the whole incident and the importance of integrity in CS:GO by stating that they expect the players and the coach to play by the rules and so moving forward they are expected to “Immediately pause the match and alert tournament admins if they know of an issue that may give them (or an opponent) an unfair advantage.”

Having said that Valve made it clear that any team which has been disqualified from an RMR tournament for abusing the spectator bug will have their RMR points deducted as well. This means that both Hard Legion and MIBR will be charged with these penalties as,

  • MechanoGun who is the coach of Hard Legion was caught using the bug at ESL One Road to Rio - CIS on 6 maps across 3 matches. He has received a 24-month ban from playing or coaching in competitions.

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  • Dead who is the coach of MIBR was caught using the bug at ESL One Road to Rio - North America in 1 round on 1 map. He has received a 6-month ban from playing or coaching in competitions. Apart from this, he was also caught using the bug again at cs_summit 6 - North America against Triumph for which he was handed a two tournament ban hosted by Beyond The Summit.

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While the RMR points were deducted Valve, for now, has refrained from taking actions against any of the coaches individually stating that they are going to wait until the end of the complete investigation which is being carried out by ESIC. Following the end of the investigation, Valve will take into account what punishments are being offered to the coaches by other third-parties and then come to a conclusion.

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Valve in its concluding statement talked about considering limiting coaching as they think mid-match coaching will always be an issue. Apart from this Valve also spoke about the cancellation of the Rio Major 2020 and the possibility of an upcoming LAN tournament IEM Global Challenge later this year.

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