[Watch] CS:GO Player Dies After Crashing Into a Flying Drone in Danger Zone

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Counter-Strike is a game that never fails to surprise us as players keep coming up with unique ways to win the match. Their attempts lead to all sorts of amazing moments from intense clutches, super sneaky ninja defuse, insanely lucky shots, and more. While this might not be a part of the regular matchmaking experience seeing a player crash into a drone and die is definitely something unique that one does not often witness, u/BigMacLexa was quite lucky to have captured this moment while playing the Battle Royale game mode Danger Zone.

Player Dies After Crashing Into A Flying Drone

This rare spectacle was witnessed by u/BigMacLexa during the concluding moments of a Danger Zone match. With only 3 enemies left on the map, the user armed with a scout had climbed on top of a building’s roof only to witness an enemy player mid-air coming towards him.

The user takes aim with his scout but misses his shot following which a hilarious incident takes place as the jumping enemy player crashes into a flying drone before the user could even switch over to his P2000.

From the clip, it is pretty evident how wild the incident was and how quickly it happened. Surely the enemy player would have been taken aback by surprise due to the sudden appearance of the drone, but it wasn’t him colliding with it that resulted in his death.

[Watch] CS:GO Player Dies After Crashing Into a Flying Drone in Danger Zone

The enemy player actually died because of the fall damage he took after his jump was interrupted and that is what makes the whole thing even crazier. This is certainly not something that players come across on the daily and it definitely got me a bit excited to go and play a few games of Danger Zone.

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