JW Defends Valve Amid The Ongoing CS:GO Spectator Bug Exploit


JW Defends Valve Amid The Ongoing CS:GO Spectator Bug Exploit

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • JW speaks in support of Valve amid the spectator bug exploit.
  • The community is currently not happy with Valve due to their silence on the incident.
  • Prominent CS:GO personalities like SPUNJ and Banks back up JW.

Swedish CS:GO player Jesper "JW" Wecksell recently took to Twitter in support of Valve amid the ongoing spectator bug incident due to which three CS:GO coaches have already been handed a ban by ESL, while several others are coming out to confess that they have used it in the past as well.

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JW Speaks In Support Of Valve

Valve has so far not given a statement from their side pertaining to the ongoing situation and as usual, it has not fared well for them as community members call them out for their inactivity. On top of this many players have come forward to claim that the present spectator bug is not something new and has been in the scene for about four years now, raising some serious doubts as to why the developers chose not to fix it until a few days back.

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Despite Valve coming under fire from the community, the 25-year-old swede JW spoke in support of the developers by stating that “Unpopular Opinion? I think Valve is doing a great job with CS.”

He explained his comment by comparing CS:GO to LoL as he said that rather than having a game under the control of just one company he likes the way Counter-Strike functions, “Sure LEC is a great product and Riot have done great things with it, but for sure it is not only sunshine over there.”

Having delivered his message JW coaxed the community members to show some appreciation towards both the game and the developers. As the community riled up against Valve, JW defended them by shining some light on the positive side of things but does this really justify Valve’s repetitive behavior of lackluster responses every time something critical takes place.

Multiple CS:GO coaches in the past few days have come forward with substantial proof that they had reported the spectator bug to Valve at the time they encountered it, which for now goes as far back as 2017. But the same bug continued to run rampant in competitive CS:GO up until a month back raising some serious questions against both Valve and the integrity of the game.

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