ESIC Currently Investigating 15 Potential MDL Match-Fixing Instances in CS:GO

ESIC Currently Investigating 15 Potential MDL Match-Fixing Instances in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • ESIC gives update on the MDL match-fixing allegations which has been going on since 18-months.
  • 15 potential match-fixing instances are currently being investigated by ESIC.
  • The investigation will conclude in the next four weeks.

A day after giving its verdict on the currently ongoing coach spectator bug ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) has come forward to give an update on the MDL (Moutain Dew League) match-fixing investigation which has been going on since the past 18-months. After having conducted an extensive investigation ESIC stated that they are now in the concluding stage and will be issuing a formal statement within the next four weeks.

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ESIC Gives An Update On The Match-Fixing Investigation

ESIC has come forward with an update following a massive uproar on social media with the community members speculating things against possible perpetrators and players pointing out teams and individuals that may have been involved.

The investigation which has been going on since the past 18-months is finally in its conclusion stage, with a final verdict set to be announced four weeks from now if no complications arise during the finalization of the report.

“As of the date of this update, ESIC is maintaining 15 ongoing investigations which we consider to be of significant concern to the industry.”

Since the start of the investigation, ESIC has received suspicious bet alerts through its global integrity monitoring framework which has helped them in conducting an extensive investigation into the allegations of match-fixing against several parties.

“We have also been using various investigative tools and contacts to link the bettors who placed the suspicious and unusual bets to the players and teams potentially involved in the match manipulation.”

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As these type of cases tend to be complex and requires cooperation between various stakeholders like betting operators, govt bodies, law enforcement agencies, and industry stakeholders, ESIC has taken additional steps to ensure that careful skill and attention has been given to all aspects of the investigative process.

For now, ESIC remains tight-lipped about the teams or individuals that are under suspicion and are being investigated. No proper information on the 15 ongoing cases has been divulged by them at the moment with details expected to be released 4 weeks from now if nothing big is uncovered leading up to the final verdict.

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