Valve Reportedly Fixes Coach Spectator Bugs in Latest CS:GO Update

Valve Reportedly Fixes Coach Spectator Bugs in Latest CS:GO Update

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve reportedly fixes both the coach spectator bugs in latest CS:GO update.
  • Michal Slowinski claims that the bugs have been fixed after consulting a few coaches.
  • Users find it weird that this was not mentioned in the patch notes despite the ongoing drama.

The latest CS:GO update released by the developers earlier today did not seem to have a lot of patch notes, in fact it conveyed just three short points with the third and final point stating that several exploits had been fixed. Though the developers had not specified what exploits had been fixed, Michal Slowinski who is a freelance esports referee claimed that the coach spectator bugs which are currently the focal point of discussion for the entire CS:GO community have been fixed post the update.

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Valve Reportedly Fixes Game-Breaking Coach Spectator Bugs

The coach spectator bug has the whole CS:GO community engaging in all sorts of discussions and arguments ever since ESL came forth with its decision to ban three coaches for abusing these bugs in competitive matches following a thorough investigation. Following ESL’s decision both Beyond The Summit and ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) have also come forth with their own statements on the matter.

As the fire raged on and fingers started to point towards Valve for not taking significant steps in order to resolve this bug, the developers within 24-hours of the incident rolled out an update which seems to have fixed all the coach spectator bugs according to Michal Slowinski, who is leading the investigation against those people who abused this bug in a competitive scenario.

According to his Tweet, Slowinski has reached the conclusion that all the bugs have been properly resolved after consulting the same with a few coaches and verifying the information. Though users pointed out that it was pretty weird from Valve to not have specifically mentioned this in their patch notes, especially after the issue had gained such cognizance from the entire CS:GO community.

Apart from fixing the bug which is Valve’s responsibility and duty in order to maintain the integrity of the game, they have not given a specific statement on the whole incident or their decision against those coaches who have been caught abusing this exploit.

It is still unknown if the RMR points of the convicted teams will be deducted or not, this will only be certain once Valve decides to speak up on the situation.

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