Astralis Rifler es3tag Gets Scammed, Loses All His CS:GO Skins


Astralis Rifler es3tag Gets Scammed, Loses All His CS:GO Skins

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO pro es3tag loses his entire CS:GO inventory.
  • The Dane was scammed after he visited a fake website by accident.
  • The scam website was a perfect duplicate of popular skin trading website CSMoney.

One of the latest players to join the Danish roster of Astralis Patrick "es3tag" Hansen took to Twitter earlier today to give a rather horrifying update. It seems the 24-year-old has lost all his CS:GO skins after being scammed by accidentally visiting a fake website, though the player has not revealed a lot of information it is being estimated that the inventory was easily more than $3,500 in value.

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Es3tag Loses His Entire CS:GO Inventory

In the Tweet, es3tag mentioned that “I’ve lost all my skins on Steam including my AK with almost 260k kills.” This statement is enough to show how brutally the Dane was scammed as he seems to have lost all his CS:GO skins, including the valuable StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened on which the player had registered more than 200,000 frags.

Though the player himself has not given a lot of information pertaining to the situation a Twitter user who goes by the name of @FragRCS stated that he helped es3tag lock his account while also reaching out to Steam Support. He further claimed that es3tag was scammed after he visited a fake website which was an exact duplicate of CSMoney.

Astralis Rifler es3tag Gets Scammed, Loses All His CS:GO Skins

A few other users were seen asking the player what exactly happened but till now the player has not replied to a single question but still, the community tried to offer help by suggesting basic things that the Dane could do so as to secure his account and prevent himself from being scammed again. The help offered by the community members was as follows,

  • Change the password and contact Steam Support.

  • Remove any Steam/CS:GO related browser extensions.

  • Deauthorize all devices from using the Steam account.

  • Check to see if any API keys were generated from the account if anything suspicious is observed then proceed to click on 'Revoke My Steam Web API Key'.

  • Reset your Steam trading URL so that the hacker is not able to spam you with trade offers.
Astralis Rifler es3tag Gets Scammed, Loses All His CS:GO Skins

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The community has offered its help and hopefully, the player has done everything possible from his side to retrieve his lost inventory. Though it is rare for the complete inventory to be recovered successfully, let’s see if es3tag can get the desired help and at the very least get his beloved AK-47 back.

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