Heroic Suspends HUNDEN Following 12-Month Ban For Coach Spectator Bug


Heroic Suspends HUNDEN Following 12-Month Ban For Coach Spectator Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Heroic suspends HUNDEN from his post as team coach.
  • The decision follows ESL's investigation that found him guilty of using the spectator bug.
  • HUNDEN is currently banned for 12-months from all DreamHack and ESL tournaments.

A day after ESL banned Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen for 12-months from playing or coaching in any DreamHack or ESL competitions, Heroic has also come forward to announce the suspension of HUNDEN with immediate effect while also clarifying that none of the players was involved in the spectator bug incident.

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Heroic Suspends HUNDEN

Following ESL’s investigation into the spectator bug incident which had been abused by a couple of CS:GO coaches to gain an unfair competitive advantage, the organizers had confirmed that HUNDEN had misused the bug in 10 rounds of 1 map at DreamHack Masters Spring. 

Upon hearing about ESL’s decision Heroic had initiated its own investigation into the matter after which the Danish organization came to a conclusion that HUNDEN had indeed used the exploit on two occasions,

  • 10 rounds on 1 map against Astralis at DreamHack Masters Malmo 2020.
  • 13 rounds on 1 map against Spirit at Home Sweet Home S5.

As HUNDEN had deliberately used the bug to gain an unfair advantage it was clearly a form of cheating and breached the tournament rules, hence Heroic took a decision to suspend him with immediate effect from the team’s active lineup.

Heroic further clarified that they had reached out to the respective organizers and will be returning the prize pool while also stating that after carefully reviewing the recordings they have no reason to believe that any of the players were involved.

HUNDEN Apologises

While Heroic gave its verdict on the incident HUNDEN himself came forward to accept the repercussions while writing out an apology from his side. He said that all the allegations made against him were true and that he acted on his own without the knowledge of his teammates.

HUNDEN stated that he felt remorse for his action while revealing that it was he who contacted the ESL Admin, Michau Slowinski “To explain the bug that was a part of the game at the time. I knew it would have professional ad personal ramification for me.” He went on to say sorry to everyone while accepting the punishment handed to him by Heroic.

HUNDEN is the final coach to face consequences for his unjust actions following Hard Legion removing its coach MechanoGun who was handed a two-year ban for the same reason. MIBR was the first team to have suspended its coach while announcing that they are investigating the matter privately as well, an update to that might be provided shortly.

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ESIC’s (Esports Integrity Commission) decision on the matter is still awaited eagerly while BTS (Beyond The Summit) has also initiated its own investigation into the incident. Let’s see what outcome do these organizations reach after their independent assessment of the incident.

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