Valve Developer Claims to Have Put a Stop to ‘Report Botting’ in CS:GO

Valve Developer Claims to Have Put a Stop to ‘Report Botting’ in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve developer John McDonald earlier today Tweeted "RIP report botting."
  • This is the second time in two years that the developer has stopped such activities.
  • 'Report Botting' was the primary reason behind multiple CS:GO users facing false 'Grief Bans' recently.

It looks like CS:GO developers have successfully put an end to ‘report botting’ at least for the moment, it might not be a permanent fix but the large number of false VAC ban cases that had recently observed a significant surge will now be brought under control. The announcement was made by John McDonald himself who is a developer at Valve as he took to Twitter to state “RIP report botting.”

Valve Claims To Put A Stop To ‘Report Botting’

Recently there had been a surge in the number of falsely banned cases where multiple innocent CS:GO players were handed ‘Grief Bans’ for literally doing nothing wrong. Popular Counter-Strike YouTuber ‘Sparkles’ via one of his videos had explained the reason behind these unusual bans as he spoke at length on the topic to a person who he claimed to be an expert (hacker) called ‘Kessie’.

Kessie had stated that some players were grief banned for team kills, being AFK, or anything else that would make the ‘Overwatch System’ perceive them as being involved in the act of ‘griefing’. The cheaters would abuse this system by finding the player’s identity using third-party network traffic apps and then ‘report botted’ them for griefing.

No More False Bans Against Innocent Players?

The following announcement means that cheaters would now not be able to influence the ‘Overwatch System’ even after finding the player’s identity. Though another feature to protect a players identity completely through the ‘Overwatch System’ would still be a great addition, fighting ‘report botting’ directly feels like a great step forward.

Even in the past around two years back, John McDonald had claimed that ‘Report Bots’ do not work any longer and he had personally looked into the matter himself but recently these bots were once again seen influencing grief bans against certain players.

For now, it looks like the problem has once again been taken care of but as John McDonald, states that “It’s an ever-escalating battle.” There does not seem to be one certain fix to the problem with a probability of it arising once again in the future. There was no mention of this fix in the recent patch notes and though the developers may have fixed this one problem, there are certain game-breaking exploits that are still running rampant through the CS:GO community.

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