Latest CS:GO Update Fails to Patch Massive Wallhack Exploit, Modifies Scoreboard


Latest CS:GO Update Fails to Patch Massive Wallhack Exploit, Modifies Scoreboard

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 
  • Latest CS:GO update fails to remove game-breaking exploit which was found last week.
  • The exploit allows users to see through smoke, boost audio, wallhack, and use custom weapon skins.
  • Following update modifies end of game scoreboard, shows region-specific average wait time, and more. 

Valve released an update for CS:GO earlier today but it seems that the patch has failed to fix the recent exploit that was showcased by popular Counter-Strike YouTuber ‘Sparkles’. The exploit that enables a user to activate anything from a simple see-through smoke to a proper wallhack might be a tough nut to crack as even after more than a week the developers have not pushed out a fix.

CS:GO Update Fails To Fix Massive Exploit

The exploit in question was found by a user called ‘szmarczak’ who found a workaround to Valve’s earlier fix, allowing players to enter CS:GO matchmaking after successfully bypassing ‘sv_pure’. This exploit is more powerful than any of the previous ones as it boots up a CS:GO match without activating the ‘.vpk’ files, giving users a chance to load their own custom files allowing them to see through smoke, audio boost, wallhack, and even use custom weapons skins.

Last time around Valve was able to take care of these exploits within a few days time, but this time more than a week has passed but the exploit continues to run rampant throughout the community. More players are becoming aware of this exploit with each passing day but with no solution in sight, many have raised an eyebrow against how serious could this particular problem be as Valve has still not shipped an effective fix.

Players that are using these exploits can obviously be reported and can also be banned through the Overwatch System, but considering that this system in itself is compromised as revealed a few days back even its effectiveness and reliability is under heavy scrutiny by the community members.

Valve in the past couple of weeks has been hit really hard with their security systems looking more vulnerable than ever before after facing the wrath of the cheating community. Hope that quick fixes are shipped out soon before the player base really takes significant hit.

CS:GO Update Modifies Scoreboard

Despite the update not fixing the game-breaking exploit a few changes introduced with the update are as follows,

  • A new ‘end of match scoreboard’ has been introduced which showcases players that are playing together in a party along with their skill groups.

  • The average wait time which is showcased while finding matches on official game servers is now region-specific.

  • Several game stability improvements have also been made to ensure that the game runs smoother without user witnessing unusual fps drops.

The entire update log can be read by clicking here. Let’s see how long before Valve is able to fix the exploit which seems to the only thing that the community is worried about at the moment.

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