CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke, Wallhack, and Modify Skins


CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to See Through Smoke, Wallhack, and Modify Skins

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 
  • Latest CS:GO exploit bypasses recent Valve fix.
  • It allows users to deploy any of the past exploits like see through smoke, wall hack, and even sound hack.
  • In addition to all this users can even use custom weapon skins in-game.

The CS:GO developers had been kept busy these past few weeks due to the multiple exploits that had sprung up recently. They had just managed to fix exploits which allowed the user to see through smoke and another that allowed them to see enemies through solid objects, but it looks like a workaround has already been found to these fixes according to popular Counter-Strike YouTuber ‘Sparkles’.

Major Exploit Bypasses Valve’s Recent Fix

Valve had rolled out fixes one after the other to ensure that both the see through smoke and the wallhack exploits were taken care off before it could go viral among the community members. Yet somehow a user was able to bypass these recent fixes to once again recreate all the above-mentioned exploits while also allowing users to load custom weapon skins into the game.

As these exploits are made by modifying and replacing core game files it does not matter on which platform the user is playing CS:GO be it FACEIT, ESEA, or the official in-game matchmaking, the client-side exploits will be active and will mostly go undetected by the anti-cheat as no third party software are being used to inject something externally into the game.

How Does This New Exploit Work?

As per the files obtained and the information contained within, it looks like the new exploit was found by someone named ‘szmarczak’. He is the one who has found a workaround to Valve’s fix along with a user name ‘mbhound’ who has tested all aspects of it in-game.

According to the YouTuber ‘Sparkles’, Valve made some changes so that the users “Can’t open the game without ‘.vpk’ files anymore. However, this exploit circumvents that and allows you to load up all your own custom files.” Another statement apparently made by ‘mbhound’ states that “This exploit completely bypasses ‘sv_pure’ and it is way worse than the last one, actually ten times easier to do. It literally combines all the exploits I’ve ever sent you in the past.”

This basically means that the exploit is much easier to replicate and gives a user the freedom to select what kind of an exploit they want to use in-game. Not only this but the user now also has an option to use custom weapon skins simply by tampering with a few game files.

The user ‘szmarczak’ has provided links to download the custom ‘.vpk’ files that need to be replaced with original game files before launching the game. Once these files have been replaced the user simply need to bind it to the mouse scroll using the associated console commands and that is pretty much it.

Every time the game loads the user simply need to scroll their mouse wheel up and down while connecting to the game and the exploit will automatically be enabled. It is surprising how fast Valve’s fix was bypassed but once again the hope remains that this will also soon be taken care off by the developers.

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