Global Esports Journey Through Rise of Legion India 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 09 Aug 2020, 09:00 AM

One of the biggest esports organization in India Global Esports walked away as the winners of Rise of Legion India 2020 CS:GO tournament. After white-washing Reckoning Esports in the grand finals of the tournament which was a best-of-five series, Global Esports bagged a total of INR 1,00,000 in cash prize while proving that they are indeed one of the best CS:GO team in the country.

Global Esports Journey Through The Tournament

Global Esports were dominant right through the month-long tournament, winning the competition without dropping even a single map. The INR 3,50,000 event which had commenced on 7th July came to an end a few days back on 6th August as the grand finals came to an end with the scoreboard reading ‘3-0’ favoring the HellrangeR and co.

Being one of the most experienced teams participating in the event certainly helped them as they met close to no resistance in their way through the preliminary rounds where all the teams were playing a best-of-one match up.

Here Global Esports defeated teams such as evilpuppets, EZ4MUJIS, DGDecent, 2EZ Gaming, and CentricEsports, to win five consecutive do-or-die matches. Almost all these match ups were clean and simple wins except for the one against 2EZ Gaming, where a respectable resistance was put up but the final outcome remained unchanged.

A key player who made Global Esports’ journey through the first phase of the tournament so smooth was one of India’s best rifler Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das, who stood from the rest with an insane K-D ration of 2.85 along with an impact rating of 1.56.

Global Esports Journey Through Rise of Legion India 2020

After charging through the initial phase of the tournament, Global Esports played against Level Zero Gaming and Phoenix Esports. The second map against Level Zero Gaming was one of the closest games that GE played in the entire tournament, but yet again they managed to make it past them without a scratch.

Phoenix Esports had to struggle quite hard in the quarterfinals itself and well they did continued to do that in the semifinals as well. Securing another ‘2-0’ victory GE were now in the grand finals against Reckoning Esports in a best-of-five match up, though the odds were heavily favoring them users were predicting that the underdogs would at least secure one map to their name.

Alas, it remained but just a bold prediction as Global Esports gave nothing away to secure a dominant ‘3-0’ victory. Three consecutive wins on Train, Inferno, and Mirage observed them walking away as the champions of Rise of Legion: India 2020.

Global Esports Journey Through Rise of Legion India 2020

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