Game Breaking CS:GO Wallhack Exploit Found by Russian YouTuber

Game Breaking CS:GO Wallhack Exploit Found by Russian YouTuber

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 
  • Russian YouTuber 'DepoSit' shares a CS:GO 'Wallhack Exploit'.
  • This exploit is easy to replicate, requiring the users to tinker with a few game files.
  • The recent update from Valve has had no effect on this exploit. 

Just days after CS:GO developers rolled out a fix for the massive ‘Smoke Exploit’ that allowed users to see through the smoke by tinkering with a few game files, it seems a similar exploit has been found by yet another Russian YouTuber who goes by the name of ‘DepoSit’. In one of his recent videos, the Russian shows a ‘Wallhack Exploit’ which requires the users to make some simple changes to the game files.

User Finds Wallhack Exploit For CS:GO

The wallhack exploit found by the YouTuber is quite simple to replicate as per the video uploaded by him and it is in many ways similar to the ‘Smoke Exploit’ found earlier this week. 

  • Both these exploits are quite easy to replicate by a user and they work like a charm in-game as no external third-party softwares are being used. Simply the game files are being modified in such a way so as to get the desired result on the client-side.

  • ‘DepoSit’ in the description of his video has stated that the wallhack exploit showcased by him is not new but has existed in Counter-Strike for a long time. This is the exact same thing that ‘Gelom16’ had also stated in his smoke exploit video “This is not a new bug but is actually quite an old one which is long forgotten, I have just recreated it using a different method.”

The Russian shows the wallhack exploit working in-game as he plays a game of Dangerzone. Throughout the game, he is able to spot the enemy players from great distances and also through solid surfaces like walls, boulders, and other such obstructions. He specifically states that the exploit can be used in any of the game modes available and even goes on to explain the mechanics behind it.

‘DepoSit’ goes on to show a step-by-step method of activating the ‘WallHack Exploit’ which has been rounded up in short by a Twitter user called ‘Gabe Follower’ who creates content around CS:GO and other Valve products.

Towards the end of his exploit tutorial ‘DepoSit’ goes on to states that if the video gets a million likes he would be posting another video in which he recreates the same exploit in public matchmaking games. Already the video has garnered over 200,000 views which means that the exploit is starting to gain momentum and is being circulated around.

Hope that Valve is able to quickly find a solution to this exploit before it goes viral because the fix pushed by the developers a few days back might have fixed the ‘Smoke Exploit’ but has had no effect on this one.

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