CS:GO Skin Creator Makes Colour Changing Weapon Skins for Deagle

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO skin creator makes two unique colour changing weapon skins.
  • The skins have been made for the Desert Eagle with two variants, one is dark while the other is colourful.
  • Both the skins have received a massively positive feedback on both Reddit and Steam Workshop.

RGB seems to be all the rage these days be it decorating a room, buying gaming peripheral devices for a computer, components of a PC, and even the virtual game items for in-game character or weapon customizations. Though CS:GO is not known for being too flashy skin creator ‘Hoxton_Workshop’ seems to be keeping up with the trend and is keen on introducing such skins to the game, his latest creation the colour changing Deagle skins are getting a lot of praise by the users both on Reddit and the Steam Workshop.

Creator Makes Colour Changing CS:GO Weapon Skins

CS:GO is considered to be a sober game both gameplay-wise and also when it comes to weapon skin designs. There is nothing too flashy about the game in any sense, but ‘Hoxton_Workshop’ is trying to bring a change by introducing weapon skins that change colour.

The skin creator has made two Deagle weapon skins named ‘Desert Eagle | NIGHTWAVE’ and ‘Desert Eagle | BLACKLIGHT’. Both of them are pearlescent colour shifting skins that alternate between two preset colours and have an ‘Anodized Multi Coloured’ finish style.

Desert Eagle | NIGHTWAVE

The first skin called ‘Nightwave’ is a mix of electric blue and magenta-orange shade. The skin’s colour periodically keeps shifting between these two shades. It is a more colourful version of its sister skin which has a combination of darker shades.

Desert Eagle | BLACKLIGHT

The sister skin to the one mentioned above is called ‘Blacklight’ and is made up of a combination of electric blue and magenta. It is not as colourful and alternates between the two solid shades, giving it a more mature finish.

As can be seen from the clips above the colours on both the skins keeps alternating between the preset shades automatically and the users cannot manually change the speed at which the shift in colours takes place or the colour of the shades itself.

These are not the only RGB type of skins the creator has made, he has in fact made weapon skins for both Negev and MP9 that light-up when the weapons are fired from. The skins called ‘Negev | ULTRALIGHT’ and ‘MP9 | ULTRALIGHT’ do not change colour but give an effect of lighting up when the user fires from the weapon.

CS:GO Skin Creator Makes Colour Changing Weapon Skins for Deagle
Community praising the colour changing skinsValve does not release a lot of weapon cases and also does not like to deter from certain ideologies, so it is still a big question mark if these flashy yet massively creative skins will make it into the game or not. But one for sure is that the community absolutely loves them and are all praises for the weapon skins!

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