Latest CS:GO Patch Fixes Smoke Exploit, Updates Mutiny and Swamp

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Massive smoke exploit that lets users see through smoke has been fixed by the developers.
  • Both Mutiny and Swamp have undergone multiple updates.

Earlier today the Counter-Strike developers pushed out an update that seems to have fixed the game-breaking smoke exploit that was brought to the community’s attention yesterday. Along with fixing the massive bug that disrupted quite a lot of CS:GO matches, the update also contains multiple changes for the two new maps Mutiny and Swamp.

Latest CS:GO Update Fixes Smoke Exploit

The smoke exploit which had the entire CS:GO community shook has been dealt with fairly quickly by the developers. It was initially brought into the limelight by a Russian CS:GO YouTuber who goes by the name of ‘Shoke CS:GO’, he showed how tinkering with a few game files could lead to the user being able to see through a smoke without the enemy or the user’s own teammates even noticing anything odd.

Considered to be the one who found out about this exploit, the Russian YouTuber who goes by the name of ‘GeloM16’ stated that this is actually not a new exploit, it is quite old which is long forgotten and all that he did was recreate it in a different manner.

Latest CS:GO Patch Fixes Smoke Exploit, Updates Mutiny and Swamp

Though the developers state that the exploit has been taken care of, they did say the same last time as well and it seems that they were not successful at it back then. Let’s hope that this time users are not able to work around the fix implemented by Valve.

“Optimized platform shader files and sound configuration files to be packed inside compressed VPK files.”

Mutiny And Swamp Updated

The two latest entrants to official CS:GO matchmaking that replaced Chlorine and Jungle underwent a number of changes to optimise the maps better following a horde of feedback from the community members.

Some of the big changes introduced for Mutiny are,

  • The one-way jump over to the crashed boat near the ‘T-Spawn’ which had the potential to get the C4 stuck has been fixed.
  • The entire map has been better optimised and the FPS has been improved for low to medium shader settings.
  • The foliage has been removed at several places throughout the map for better visibility.
  • Clipping issues at various places have also been fixed.

Some of the big changes introduced for Swamp are,

  • A performance boost of 2-5% can be observed in some areas.
  • The sounds of Alligators and Frogs have been reduced a bit.
  • A gap near ‘CT-Spawn’ has now been closed preventing players from boosting in order to peek ‘A-Long’.
  • On ‘B-Site’ clipping has been added in various places like on the crane, streetlight, and plywood cover on the site.
  • The visibility of the sniper spot on ‘B-Site’ has been increased by adding fence and plywood in the water.
Latest CS:GO Patch Fixes Smoke Exploit, Updates Mutiny and Swamp

All the changes introduced to the two maps will lead to better stability for the players while making the maps more enjoyable. Swamp seems to be the map attracting more players with many praising the map to be a great replacement for Mirage. To read the full change log click here.

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