[Watch] CS:GO User Finds a Way to Jump On-Board a Boat on Mutiny


[Watch] CS:GO User Finds a Way to Jump On-Board a Boat on Mutiny

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It has barely been more than twelve hours since the release of the latest CS:GO update which introduced two new maps Swamp and Mutiny to official matchmaking and users have already found a few game-breaking bugs. One of these bugs found by u/c1icken on Mutiny allows users to execute a one-way jump across to a crashed boat near ‘T-Spawn’ which results in a tough situation for the T-side as it is not possible to return from that location.

User Finds Bug To Jump On-Board A Boat On Mutiny

CS:GO players are some of the most creative gamers out there who test the limits of each and every map that dares to be added to official matchmaking. They break the map in every way possible which is a good thing for the users and a headache for the developers who need to fix them before it has a huge impact on the game.

Another such bug was discovered by u/c1icken who successfully jumped across to a crashed boat near the ‘T-Spawn’ on Mutiny. A friend of his helped him discover this bug, as the two players went to the edge of the port and executed a run boost to fling the user over the narrow passage of water in order to reach the crashed boat.

From the clip above we can see that recreating this bug is not tough at all and though the bug might seem pretty harmless at first. Consider a situation where a couple of griefers are there in the game playing T-side and they do this every time they spawn with the C4, the team would be so helpless in this situation because there would be no way to recover the bomb once it reaches the crashed boat.

The above case might be a usual exception but there are chances of it happening, apart from this the bug is pretty harmless but this does not mean that it does not require a fix. Other much smaller discrepancies were also found all across the map which will be fixed as and when they come to the developers notice.

Another big bug was found on Swamp as well, where players could run boost themselves on top of the ‘Crane’ and potentially get a hawk-eye view of the ‘B-Site’. This bug unlike the one above is a bit more serious and has the potential to impact the outcome of the game in multiple situations.

Well, other such bugs like these can be expected in the coming days as more players play the two new maps Mutiny and Swamp. The latter has actually received a lot of praises from the community with Haci (@DonHaci) even stating that it is ready to replace Mirage from the ‘Active Duty’ map pool.

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