CS:GO Update Adds New Maps Mutiny and Swamp, Fixes Decoy and More


CS:GO Update Adds New Maps Mutiny and Swamp, Fixes Decoy and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Latest CS:GO update introduces two new maps Mutiny and Swamp, they replace Chlorine and Jungle.
  • 'Trusted Mode' has undergone a few changes along with the addition of a new compatibility launch option.
  • Multiple fixes to grenades have also been made, especially the Decoy grenade.

The CS:GO developers rolled out a new update earlier today which witnessed Mutiny and Swamp being added to official matchmaking and in turn swapping out Chlorine and Jungle, a few more changes to the ‘Trusted Mode’ option were introduced, the decoy grenade underwent an important bug fix, and multiple other miscellaneous changes were also made to improve the overall gameplay.

CS:GO Update Adds Mutiny, Swamp And Other Changes

The biggest change in the update was the addition of two new maps Mutiny and Swamp which are now available for official matchmaking in Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage game modes. It also witnessed the departure of both Chlorine and Jungle so as to accommodate the two new maps.

Swamp has received massive praise from the communityThe community received the two new maps with open arms, with Swamp receiving a bit of extra love and praise for being a really great map. Players seemed to enjoy the map quite a lot with Twitter Counter-Strike personality Haci (@DonHaci) even stating that the map is ready to replace Mirage, a map that is under suspicion of getting removed from the ‘Active Duty’ map pool.

Other big changes include Valve now making ‘Trusted Mode’ the default launch mode for CS:GO  and all the previous launch options related to it have now been deprecated. As many streamers and content creators were not able to launch third-party software along with CS:GO, the developers have come up with a compatibility launch option “-allow_third_party_software” to allow some of these third-party applications to inject into the game.

They have also clarified that playing the game in normal mode (not Trusted) does not necessarily mean that the Trust factor will be negatively affected in any way, but what softwares are the user injecting into the game will be monitored while calculating the Trust scores.

The last big change is related to the grenades, now when a player swaps team their grenade will do the full intended damage to their previous teammates. Another change or rather fix was introduced to the Decoy grenade, its explosion will no longer damage teammates by default now, it can be controlled by using the following command “ff_damage_decoy_explosion”.

Multiple other miscellaneous changes were also introduced to improve the overall gameplay aspect of CS:GO including the battle-royale game mode Danger Zone. Workshop’s workbench texture regeneration was also fixed for GPUs having low shader quality. The full set of changes can be read by clicking here.

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