CS:GO Skin Creator Makes a Weapon Skin That Lights Up While Firing

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO skin creator comes up with a unique weapon skin that lights up when fired.
  • The unique concept has been applied to the MP9 submachine gun.
  • Community gave a positive feedback with the creator thinking of making more such designs.

One look at the Global Offensive subreddit and it is filled with a plethora of fantastic user-made weapon skins of all kinds. This might be due to the lack of tournaments being played at the moment as the player break is currently going on, but no one is complaining because the majority of these are simply mind blowing.

Well, u/Hoxton_Workshop was not going to settle for just another weapon skin as he took the whole concept up a notch by introducing a weapon skin that lights up while firing. Yes, you 100% heard that right! The gun’s skin literally lights up when the user fires from it.

Skin Creator Makes A Light Up Weapon Skin

Hoxton has come up with a new concept of light-up weapon skin which might be the first of its kind or is at the very least the first of its type that I have personally come across. The skin which does not have a particular name tag has been designed for the MP9 submachine gun by the creator and seems to light up whenever the gun fires.

The above clip shows how the greenish stripes on either side of the weapon light up when the user fires from the gun. It is not a really bright light or anything flashy like that, it is quite sober actually and looks more like a fluorescent glow than a proper light-up which is something that I would prefer.

CS:GO is not known for really flash things like adding lights to its weaponry and other such extra additions, the game likes to adopt new things but it has to be in line with its overall aesthetics and I think the user is quite mindful of this particular aspect when coming up with this particular skin design.

The community were appreciative of the creator’s skin design and even came up with more ideas for similar weapon skin designs. One of the popular ideas that everyone seemed to be excited about was making a skin for AK-47 that makes the barrel go red when firing, to symbolise the muzzle of the weapon getting hotter due to continued usage.

CS:GO Skin Creator Makes a Weapon Skin That Lights Up While Firing
Hoxton is impressed by the AK skin ideaAnother one was the muzzle of the AWP glowing red and then slowly fading away after each shot. This was followed by weirder skin design ideas like the lights on the weapon glowing brighter with each kill and then fading back to normal when the player died as the chain broke.
CS:GO Skin Creator Makes a Weapon Skin That Lights Up While Firing
Community goes all out with idea suggestionsLet’s see if this type of skin makes it to the game as part of a future collection and if so what other light-up designs too we get to see along with it.

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