[Watch] S1mple Shows his Skill by Holding the Mouse in the Air to Take a Knife Kill


[Watch] S1mple Shows his Skill by Holding the Mouse in the Air to Take a Knife Kill

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Time and again we come across Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev wooing us with his incredible CS:GO skills. Well, the best player in the world was at it again yesterday when during his Twitch stream the Ukrainian not only predicted his opponents moves but also preemptively set himself up for a knife kill. 

All this was done by the 22-year-old live on his stream while interacting with the audience and holding the mouse up in the air. Listening to the sound cues and pressing the left click just once to take a knife kill which I would never be able to take even against bots.

S1mple Takes An Incredible Knife Kill

Time and again s1mple has shown why he is the best in the business and he does not intend to lose this position to anyone. To any doubters out there, s1mple recently executed an incredible play just to show everyone a glimpse of his skill and the level at which he understands the game.

Playing CT-sided on Nuke with a single round advantage, s1mple felt the need to educate his audience as he chucked a smoke right at the opening of ‘Vent’ on ‘A Site’. He climbed down and patiently waited for an enemy to jump inside while waiting, s1mple lifted the mouse from the table and held it in his hands and as soon as the enemy jumped inside he simply clicked the left-click once to kill him.

The incredible kill is definitely not as easy to execute in real life as shown by s1mple in the clip above. If you don’t want to take my word for it you can try it yourself when playing on Nuke the next time around.

The best thing is while executing this, s1mple did not have any doubts or concerns that he might fail while attempting this in front of his audience. He was calm, collected, and was actually engaging with the viewers quite actively by speaking in Russian which roughly translates to “Like this, you get into the vent, take the mouse in your hand like this ... [enemy jumps inside the vent] and just kill."

Even after taking the kill, s1mple had no expressions on his face as if this was something he did on the daily. All of his skill will be put on test against the legendary Na’Vi 1.6 lineup whom he faces along with the rest of the team on 1st August, where we all finally get to see a head-to-head clash between markeloff and s1mple.

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