Chinese CS:GO Teams Return to LAN in August With Wuxi Villa Cup

Chinese CS:GO Teams Return to LAN in August With Wuxi Villa Cup

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Chinese CS:GO teams Tyloo, Invictus Gaming, and more are set to return to LAN in August.
  • The final six teams will be playing out of a villa located in the Chinese city of Wuxi.
  • This is the first CS:GO LAN tournament being hosted in China since the pandemic. 

The Chinese CS:GO teams might soon be back to playing Counter-Strike on LAN as CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup is scheduled to take place from 4th - 9th August. The participating Chinese teams might be the first to make a return to competing at CS:GO LAN events since the Pandemic broke out, forcing organizers to host all tournaments online.

Chinese CS:GO Teams Return to LAN in August With Wuxi Villa Cup

CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup

It looks like Chinese CS:GO teams are all ready to make a return to competing on LAN with a local tournament featuring a ¥200,000 CNY ($28603.30) prize pool scheduled to take place from 4th - 9th August. The tournament which is being organized by Vision Esports with multiple sponsors like 5EPlay, ZOWIE China, SteelSeries China, and more, will be a LAN tournament taking place in the city of Wuxi, China.

This tournament will be taking place in a “closed and separated Villa” located in Wuxi with all the six participating teams playing out the matches of the main event from this place. Out of the six competing teams, three have been directly invited, while the remaining teams will be making their way through the Closed Qualifier.

Directly invited teams for the main event include Invictus Gaming, Let’s Quit, and Tyloo. The remaining three teams will join them once the results of the Closed Qualifier are obtained on 30th July. All the teams, be it the once directly invited for the main event, those that are invited for the Closed Qualifier, or the once taking part in the Open Qualifier are all Chinese teams, keeping the competition strictly local with no international teams playing in the tournament.

Chinese CS:GO Teams Return to LAN in August With Wuxi Villa Cup
Tyloo will be participating in the tournamentThis might be a big reason behind the Chinese government giving a green light to the organizers of the tournament. Because just last week the Chinese General Administration of Sports had taken a decision of cancelling all international sports event for the remainder of 2020, apart from trials for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and the neighbouring city of Zhangjiakou. As the trials only involve Chinese national the government has not banned it and maybe similar reasoning was carried out while giving this tournament a go ahead as well.

The total prize pool will be divided between all the participating teams who will be going up against each other in the group stage following a round-robin format, the top four teams will proceed to the playoffs where a double-elimination format will be followed. All the matches during the group stage will be a single game series while every match in the playoffs will be a best-of-three series.

Let’s see which team reigns supreme in the first Chinese LAN tournament since the pandemic. I personally feel it will a close fight between Invictus Gaming and Tyloo, who are also the finalists in the currently on-going Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020.

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