Valve Confirms that 'Trusted Mode' Does Not Entirely Prevent Cheats from Working in CS:GO

Valve Confirms that 'Trusted Mode' Does Not Entirely Prevent Cheats from Working in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve in a recent FAQ has confirmed that 'Trusted Mode' does not entirely prevent cheats from working.
  • The developers have tried to explain the concept and intended use of the 'Trusted Launch' feature.
  • A lot of other important questions were answered by the developers as well.

It has barely been five days since the release of Valve’s new anti-cheat option ‘Trusted Launch’. The program which was introduced as a beta late last month was quickly introduced to the global audience in a matter of weeks, but the reception received by the update was heavily underwhelming as questions were raised against the program’s ability to prevent cheats from working. What were mere speculations and hearsay have for the worse turned into reality as Valve has them self said that ‘Trusted Mode’ does not entirely prevent cheats from working.

How Reliable Is Trusted Launch?

CS:GO developers via a FAQ in Steam Support titled ‘CS:GO - Trusted Launch’ have answered a lot of important questions that arose following the launch of the anti-cheat, as a majority of the community criticized it for blocking various third-party programs and being ineffective in preventing cheats from working.

In response to all the accusations pointing fingers on the effectiveness of ‘Trusted Launch’ when it comes to the prevention of cheats from working, as per the FAQ the statement from the developers reads as follows,

“No. Trusted mode is a minimal barrier to cheat development, however, we expect that cheats will be detected more quickly. The goal of the Trusted mode is to create a barrier that can’t accidentally be crossed and to be able to easily identify any application that does.”

Trusted Mode does not entirely prevent cheats from workingThrough this statement, Valve has clearly justified the working of ‘Trusted Launch’. The optional anti-cheat is not exactly a high-level tool used for the prevention of cheats but is actually a basic program for quicker detection of cheats by creating a ‘minimal barrier’.

How Trusted Launch Actually Works

The program creates a barrier when the game is launched in ‘Trusted Mode’. This blocks all third-party applications from interacting with the game, these applications are actively blocked so as to maintain a restricted area. Any application that crosses over or breaks through this barrier is identified as a non-accidental breach and is therefore subjected to a VAC ban.

In the same FAQ, the developers have also mentioned that there is no whitelist of software that is allowed to interact with CS:GO. Specifically stating that “In Trusted mode, all foreign software is blocked.” Furthermore, even in normal mode, some applications might be blocked.

Even in normal mode some applications maybe blockedThe FAQ section has answered several important questions that have been raised by the community since the release of the software. To read the entire FAQ section click here, it might help you understand the anti-cheat and problems associated with CS:GO due to this better.

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