Annual Salaries of Danish CS:GO Players Reportedly Revealed

Annual Salaries of Danish CS:GO Players Reportedly Revealed

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One of the most common question that an esports fan usually asks or discusses about is how much do their favorite players actually earn. Well, for all those who are interested in knowing how much do CS:GO players playing for various Danish teams including one of the best teams to have ever played the game Astralis earn, has recently revealed all this and more.

Danish CS:GO Player Earnings

Every esports enthusiast at one point or the other has touched upon the topic of player earnings. Be it discussions with other community members or quick online research to get their hands on some sort of solid data, we have all had an urge to find out how much do our favorite esport players earn.

Well, we may not have the answers for all of them but thanks to we now have a fair idea of how much do most of the Danish Counter-Strike players earn. Starting off with one of the most consistent teams in the history of the game Astralis who dominated the CS:GO circuit through 2018 and most of 2019, according to the report pay their players quite a good salary.


As per reports by, Astralis players have an annual salary of DKK 2.4 million (Danish krone) which is roughly equal to $364,000 (USD). This amount is void of prize money the team wins via tournaments, sponsorship cuts, bonuses, and tax deductions.

Taking into consideration the total prize money won by Astralis in the year 2019 which amounts to almost $2,158,500 as per liquipedia. As the players are entitled to get 90% of the prize money, collectively the players earned $1,942,650. Dividing this amount between the five players equally, each player gets $388,530 as prize money via tournaments.

This means that roughly every player from Astralis earned around DKK 4.9 million which translates to $752,530 (USD) in 2019, even this cannot be taken as the absolute final figure as sponsorship cuts, tax deductions, and other such small amounts have not been taken into consideration. But even so, this data is enough to provide everyone with a good idea of how much do Astralis players roughly earn annually.

As can be seen from the salary division, the Astralis players actually earned slightly more via tournament prize money. This shows how important it is for them to yield good results throughout the year as huge chunks of the prize money came as a result of winning the two CS:GO Majors.

Annual Salaries of Danish CS:GO Players Reportedly Revealed

Further reports by revealed annual salaries of other CS:GO players belonging to different Danish Counter-Strike organizations like North, Heroic, Mad Lions, and Copenhagen Flames.


Unlike in Astralis where all the five players earn the same amount of salary, as during their negotiation the five players were represented as one unit rather than individuals. North has drawn different contracts with each individual player, hence there are significant differences in player salaries.

Averaging out their salaries though, North players earn an average annual salary of DKK 1.5 million which is roughly equivalent to $227,500 as per report by They too get a 90% cut of all the prize money won.

2019 was not the best year for them but the team still managed to win $222,000 via various tournaments as per liquipedia. The players receiving a 90% cut were able to earn an additional amount of $199,800. Considering that this particular amount was split equally between the players, the average salary for North players in 2019 comes out to be DKK 1.76 million which is equal to $267,460.

Annual Salaries of Danish CS:GO Players Reportedly Revealed

Heroic, Mad Lions, Copenhagen Flames

Though both Heroic (18th) and Mad Lions (19th) are ranked better than North (24th) according to the HLTV rankings, the average annual salaries of the two organizations as per reports by are not nearly as high as that of the latter.

Heroic and Mad Lions reportedly have an annual salary of DKK 660,000 which is roughly $100,000. No more information pertaining to how much more the members of the two teams earn was highlighted.

Finally the local Danish team Copenhagen Flames used to pay its players a monthly salary of DKK 15,000 that is $2275.62, until recently when the team sold its entire lineup to x6tence to the tune of a million dollars.

These salaries might not be 100% accurate as there are several other factors that add on to a player’s salary like sponsorship cuts, the bonus from the stickers sold, their personal brand contracts, team contract-specific privileges (yearly increment), and many other variables.

But this data helps give a rough estimate as to how much does a player earn, the factors that affect their earnings, and other such things that esports enthusiasts might be interested in knowing.

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