CS:GO Cheat Developer Claims That 'Trusted Launch' Has No Effect on Cheats

CS:GO Cheat Developer Claims That 'Trusted Launch' Has No Effect on Cheats

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • An anonymous cheat developer states that 'Trusted Launch' has not affected the cheats in any way.
  • 'Trusted Launch' released earlier today has been met with quite some criticism from streamers.
  • Right after its beta release several people had reported that cheats had bypassed the optional anti-cheat.

The recent CS:GO update introduced the ‘Trusted Launch’ setting in a bid to fight against the rising number of cheaters plaguing the game. But despite Valve’s effort to fend off these unsavory elements, it seems that the move has faced a lot of criticism, especially from the streaming community. The matter only becomes worse when a cheat developer claims that “This update in no way has affected the cheats.”

Cheat Developer Claims “Trusted Launch” Is Ineffective

A cheat developer who wished to remain anonymous in an interview with gameinside.ua has claimed that the recently launched ‘Trusted Launch’ option by Valve has not affected the cheats in any way.

The cheat developer went on to claim that advanced methods to load cheat onto the game have been in use for a long time now specifically stating that “This update would complicate the life of cheaters if it came out five years ago.” He went on to point out a few drawbacks with the ‘Trusted Launch’ like the absence of integrity checks, claiming that this makes the mode susceptible to being disabled without any problems.

The cheat developer further tried to explain the whole situation between Valve and cheaters by making quite big accusations.

  • He claims that despite Valve having resources to arrange large scale VAC bans, and improve the existing anti-cheat, the developers have themselves chosen not to go ahead with it because they simply do not want to deal with cheaters.

  • Why would Valve not want to tackle the cheaters has also been answered by the man himself. Who claimed that Valve finds it much easier to divide the player base into two groups, cheaters and honest players, based upon the ‘Trust Factor System’.

  • So instead of fighting cheaters, Valve instead improves upon the ‘Trust Factor System’ to selectively group them up together claims the cheat developer.

In conclusion, the cheat developer stated that no game can be 100% free of cheaters, specifically naming VALORANT, the game whose anti-cheat has been called out for taking kernel-level access of the user’s system.

All the information given by the cheat developer has to be taken with a pinch of salt as we still don’t know the identity of the person and also the fact that there is no way to verify everything that the person has stated is true or not.

Earlier when ‘Trusted Launch’ was still in beta several people on Twitter had claimed that the optional anti-cheat had already been bypassed within an hour of its launch.

Maybe things have changed since then, but at the moment Valve seems to have much bigger problems on their hand as a lot of streamers and content creator don’t seem to be able to access CS:GO in ‘Trusted Mode’.

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