[Watch] CS:GO Player Nearly Replicates Coldzera’s Iconic Jumping AWP Play On Mirage

[Watch] CS:GO Player Nearly Replicates Coldzera’s Iconic Jumping AWP Play On Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community loves to show off their in-game clips be it exceptionally brilliant or down to the ground dumb, as both of them are celebrated by discussing the play, cracking jokes and puns to farm that sweet karma, and pointing out how broken the game actually is. But this particular clip did not follow the norm as ‘Coldzera’ was the first thing that came to everyone’s mind after watching the following play!

CS:GO Player Nearly Replicates Coldzera’s Iconic Play

Imagine making a play similar to one of the most iconic and easily recognizable moments ever made in the history of Counter-Strike. That is what u/frick_frik was able to achieve while playing on Mirage as he was lucky enough to achieve a ‘jumping no scope double-kill’ with his AWP, along with an extra third kill courtesy of the grenade he had tossed into ‘B Apartments’.

The clip above is eerily similar to Coldzera’s iconic jumping no scope double-kill which he achieved with the AWP on Mirage in the exact same position. The only difference is that in Coldzera’s case he was playing the semifinals of the MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 where he was holding the ‘B-Site’ alone with Team Liquid on map point, whereas u/frick_frik was probably playing regular competitive matchmaking.

But despite the clear contrast between the two situations, there is no denying how insane this shot from the user was. It was a lucky shot but the user was also committed to holding down the ‘B-Site’ no matter what, he jump peeked to gather intel following it up by tossing a grenade and then attempting to find someone with a no scope before the enemy team rushed onto the site.

Little did he know that his stars had aligned in the perfect manner to grant him this unbelievable play, something that he would cherish for a long time.

Coldzera was awarded a graffiti on Mirage right behind the ’Car’ below ‘B Apartments’, represented by an AWP with wings to denote the extremely minute probability of connecting a jumping AWP shot to kill not one but two players with a single bullet. The skulls on top of the AWP represent the four no scope victims that fell to Coldzera’s AWP on that unfaithful day.

The user cannot obviously get a graffiti but at least he was able to get that sweet truckload full of Reddit karma, along with the bragging rights of being the person who came closest to matching Coldzera’s outrageously mind blowing ‘B-Site’ hold on Mirage.

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