Valve Releases 'Trusted Launch' for CS:GO to Combat Cheaters in Latest Update

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve has officially released 'Trusted Launch' for CS:GO in latest update.
  • The optional setting has been deployed to combat cheaters and will be enabled by default for all users.
  • The 'Trusted Mode' will restrict third-party applications from interacting with CS:GO.

The ‘Trusted Launch’ option which had gone into beta testing two weeks back has finally been launched by Valve for everyone. CS:GO developers in recent time have been pumping out quite a lot of optional changes for the game to combat various issues like in-game toxicity, smoother operation of the game on older systems, better clarity when viewing enemy characters, and now an additional option to combat cheaters.

These changes are all optional and players have been given the option to toggle them as they please. While some of these changes have been welcomed with positive feedback, not all have managed to achieve what they were truly intended for.

Trusted Launch Option Goes Live

With the increase in the number of cheaters plaguing CS:GO, the community has had just one request from Valve and that is to effectively combat these pests who are ruining the fun Counter-Strike experience.

Valve though a bit late to react to the growing pains of the community, responded by launching what they call ‘Trusted Launch’. The optional setting is meant to significantly restrict the types of program and files that can interact with the game.

The setting will by default be enabled for all the players post the update, following which it is up to the user to decide if they want to keep it enabled or disable it. Keeping it enabled will prevent a few third-party applications from working alongside CS:GO, as the game will actively block them from interaction with it.

Valve Releases 'Trusted Launch' for CS:GO to Combat Cheaters in Latest Update
'Trusted Launch' warning against third party softwareAccording to the developers, “Incompatible files must be removed to ensure a fair game for all players. Any time we cannot verify files interacting with CS:GO's game process you will be asked to restart the game in Trusted Mode.”

The third-party programs that have been blocked by CS:GO are not known at this point as Valve has decided not to disclose the name of these applications for a number of reasons. The developers have further stated that all users who plan on running incompatible third-party software after the game has launched in ‘Trusted Mode’ are susceptible to getting disconnected from their match and will not be able to re-connect until the game is re-launched in ‘Trusted Mode’.

Valve Releases 'Trusted Launch' for CS:GO to Combat Cheaters in Latest Update

While this may seem like a problem for many content creators and streamers who constantly use multiple third-party software along with CS:GO, the developers say that they can still play launch the game but only in ‘Untrusted Mode’. The drawback to this is that playing CS:GO in ‘Untrusted Mode’ may negatively impact the player’s trust score, hence affecting the quality of their matchmaking.

The community wanted a better anti-cheat system and though Valve has provided them with an alternative method to combat the cheaters, the community does not seem to be too pleased with it. Also, there has been news making waves that cheaters have already managed to bypass the ‘Trusted Launch’ feature. Let’s see how effective the program actually is in the next few weeks!

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