CS:GO User Creates an AI-Powered Coaching System That Provides Tips In-Game

CS:GO User Creates an AI-Powered Coaching System That Provides Tips In-Game

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO community never fails to surprise its user base by constantly coming up with fantastic fan arts, mind blowing edits, personal anecdotes and many other such submissions. Continuing this stream of incredible submissions a Reddit user recently came forth to present the community with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered in-game coaching system for CS:GO called ‘Tip Genius’.

User Creates AI-Powered Coaching System For CS:GO

An avid Counter-Strike player u/benm606 recently presented his creation to the CS:GO community which the majority of the user base deeply appreciated. The user has gone ahead and created an AI-powered in-game coaching system which provides a CS:GO player using it with advanced tips to improve their game in real-time.

Yes, you heard it right! u/benm606 reveals that almost the entirety of the last year was spent making this automated coaching system which provides crucial tips to the player while he/she is still in-game.

The automated coaching system which is absolutely free to use has been named ‘Tip Genius’ and is available on both the Overwolf application and the website. The creator of the game says that “It’s (Tip Genius) an official app on the Overwolf App Store so it’s safe to use! All apps go through a rigorous approval process with input from Overwolf and Valve before they’re made publicly available.”

How Does The Application Work

According to the description of the software on Overwolf, the client application tracks the user’s in-game status continuously and provides them with suitable tips from its database of over 1000+ scenario-specific tips. These tips are apparently presented in an unintrusive overlay format in the form of easily digestible 5-10 seconds long videos, either in-between the rounds or immediately upon the user’s command.

The best part about the application according to me is that it is absolutely free to use and is aimed towards the proper overall growth of the player as it provides more than just utility lineups. Also, the database of the scenario-specific tips is ever-increasing as users are free to submit their own tips, effectively making the application for the users by the users.

For now, the application has been downloaded around 378 times according to the data present on Overwolf’s website. Few user's who took a keen interest in the integrity of the application were seen asking security related questions on Reddit, where the most prominent discussion that took place was related to whether the program is legitimate or not.

Though u/benm606 gave an in-depth and a satisfying reply to this query, it is true that this is still a grey area which the community is right to debate upon and come to a conclusion.

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