CS:GO Insider Claims That Valve has Decided Not to Work on the Source 2 Port Temporarily

CS:GO Insider Claims That Valve has Decided Not to Work on the Source 2 Port Temporarily

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Tyler McVicker allegedly states that Valve has decided to temporarily stop working on the Source 2 port for CS:GO.
  • Source 2 port might not be happening anytime in the near future according to statements made by McVicker.
  • He also provides the reasons for Valve taking this decision.

It seems that the highly anticipated Source 2 port for CS:GO is not going to take place anytime soon. Tyler McVicker who is the creator of Valve New Network and an industry insider during a recent Twitch stream made it crystal clear by saying that “It is not happening.”

Update: CS:GO Source 2 Port

The much-discussed Source 2 update which has been the highlight of the CS:GO community’s discussions, especially since the start of the year, has repeatedly disappointed everyone with the news surrounding its speculated release.

And once again the cycle has repeated itself as just a month after a CS:GO insider who goes by the name of Nors3 had revealed that the CS:GO Source 2 is definitely happening, it seems that Valve has no intention of releasing the Source 2 port anytime soon.

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CS:GO Insider Claims That Valve has Decided Not to Work on the Source 2 Port Temporarily

Tyler McVicker in a recent Twitch stream while answering one of his viewer’s inquiry about the Source 2 port said that, “It’s not happening. There was a meeting and they made a decision because it is too much work. As of now, it is not happening.”

Do take this information with a pinch of salt as multiple times before the insider information has turned out to be false. Though a few things based on this statement that are worth noting are, 

  • Valve actually had a meeting to discuss the matter on the Source 2 port, which means that such a thing if not now is certainly possible in the future.

  • The decision to not go forward with the Source 2 port was based on the fact that it was “too much work.” Which is surprisingly similar to something that Nors3 had said last month, where he had acknowledged CS:GO Source 2 definitely happening but not at the moment because “The CS:GO code is a clucterf**k”.

McVicker goes on to reveal that Valve does have a build and that they have had it for two years now, but they are hesitant to go forward with the port because of the massive community content.

“It is not that they can’t port the game, it is that they can’t port the community content. There is a massive library of community content and they have no plans or means of it being easily played and ported.”

In conclusion, McVicker states that as soon as Valve figures out how to solve this problem which is one of the biggest hurdles in their path, then the Source 2 port will happen. But until then it seems unlikely that anything related to Source 2 will be happening.

This might be a big blow to many members of the community who were hopeful of this update coming soon. Already three speculations have turned out to be false and while the expectations had become extremely low, these statements by McVicker seems to be the final blow.

As per his statements, it does not look like Source 2 will be a reality in the near future. But at least the community knows that it is something that Valve actively discusses and that they know where the problem exactly lies for the port to actually transpire.

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