FURIA Targeted by DDoS Attacks While Playing Against Liquid

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FURIA Targeted by DDoS Attacks While Playing Against Liquid


  • FURIA Esports was targetted by several DDoS attacks yesterday while playing against Team Liquid.
  • A few players had to quickly move to FURIA's office in order to complete the last map.
  • Despite winning the series FURIA was not entirely satisfied with their victory.

FURIA Esports was not entirely satisfied after achieving victory over Team Liquid yesterday at BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals. Despite winning the best-of-three series by a score of ‘2-1’ FURIA was not able to play the match seamlessly as they were continually targetted by DDoS attacks.

The information pertaining to the DDoS attacks was made public by Jaime “raizen” Padua - Founder and CEO of FURIA Esports. He tweeted saying that “We are apparently being targeted by DDOS attacks. However, we are already providing solutions.”

FURIA Wins Despite DDoS Attacks

These attacks were constantly disrupting the match between the two teams as a result of which a few of the FURIA players had to quickly make their way over to FURIA’s office in order to finish the third map.

According to Jamie the players were originally not playing from FURIA’s office “Due to the social distance and the good performance that the athletes were having playing from their homes.” But due to the constant connect problems because of the DDoS attacks they had to make some last moment changes.

FURIA Targeted by DDoS Attacks While Playing Against Liquid

Because of all the constant disconnections and long pause times even after securing the decider game on Mirage quite convincingly, FURIA was not pleased with the way they had achieved victory. Jamie came forth and thanked Liquid for being patient through the entire ordeal. No problems were reported from Liquid’s side who accepted their defeat without any commotion and pointing fingers.

FURIA is definitely going through a rough phase as they were recently involved in a ‘round-reset’ controversy with MIBR facing a lot of public backlashes and unwarranted hate. A heated exchange on Twitter took place between members of the two teams as MIBR questioned FURIA’s sportsmanship.

As the argument played out a few members of MIBR crossed the line especially Fer who blatantly used a crass statement to call out FURIA. Though the whole controversy helped shine a light on the unfair and questionable rule relating to a ‘round-reset’ no change seems to have been implemented to it yet.

The situation came under control yesterday afternoon after MIBR’s captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo provided a complete breakdown of the whole situation while apologising to FURIA as well. But all said and done FalleN towards the end of his explanation said that when it comes to Fer he backs him up saying that “He said what he felt and I respect that a lot. Those who do not know him will find it exaggerated.”

FURIA Targeted by DDoS Attacks While Playing Against Liquid

FURIA after a rough couple of days has proved that they are a force to reckon with as they advance further into the lower bracket awaiting their next opponent which will be the loser of the match between MIBR and EG.

It will be interesting to witness another match between the two Brazilian teams, with FURIA looking to attain vengeance while MIBR plays for their reputation which will be definitely at stake in possibly the most hyped matchup of the tournament.

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