S1mple Severely Disappointed After Surprise Loss Against Complexity


S1mple Severely Disappointed After Surprise Loss Against Complexity

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple expresses severe disappointment in the post-match interview after facing a loss against Complexity Gaming.
  • He says that playing online is somehow more complicated for them and he is waiting for the return of LAN tournaments.
  • Na'Vi is not out of the tournament yet as they face against G2 Esports in a lower bracket matchup.

In a surprising turn of events, Complexity Gaming defeated Na’Vi in the upper bracket semifinals of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals. Despite winning the first map on Nuke, s1mple and the boys lost the remaining two games to drop down to the lower bracket.

The star player of the Ukrainian organization s1mple was particularly affected by the loss which witnessed a good performance from him, but the other players failed to live up to their standards especially on Mirage.

S1mple On Team's Performance 

In a post-game interview, s1mple went on to state that “Sometimes our team shits in our pants, at these moments the game does not bring pleasure.” He went on to share that it was a matter of shame that despite the team knowing very well what is to be done, they are not able to deliver.

S1mple went on to accept the fact that the team needs to continue working hard especially when it comes to online tournaments as they are somehow more complicated “I do not know why it is so. I just can’t wait for the first LAN tournament to show what we are capable of, similar to how it was in Katowice.”

Finally, s1mple spoke about the disaster that struck the team on Mirage. “Our calls didn’t work at Mirage,” blurted out the 22-year-old Ukrainian straight as an arrow. This could in part be due to a change in communication that s1mple suggested earlier in the game when he instructed his team ‘to not scream and panic’.

He put a huge question mark against the team’s existing synergy saying that “At these moments, it becomes clear that you do not have synergy, all players are in a different mood.”

Na’Vi after a great start on Nuke where they beat Complexity on their own map pick by a score of ‘16-5’ and s1mple leading from the front, had thought of closing out the game on Dust 2. But they hit a huge speed breaker as both Valentin “poizon” Vasilevand and William “RUSH” Wierzba turned up for Complexity big time to take the series down to a decider on Mirage.

As poizon and RUSH took a back seat, k0nfig took the steering wheel with blameF riding shotgun as both of them gave a performance of their lifetime to secure the series and proceed further ahead to face FaZe Clan.

Though Na’Vi is still not out of the tournament they face a stiff challenge against G2 Esports and with their morale severely taking a hit, it will be nothing short of a Herculean task to make it through to the lower bracket.

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