FalleN Speaks Up On The Round-Reset Controversy Involving FURIA

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 18 Jun 2020, 11:19 AM
  • FalleN addresses the 'round-reset' controversy involving FURIA Esports via a series of tweets.
  • The Brazilian points out that the real reason behind him posting the video was to raise the issue against the unfair 'round-reset' rule.
  • FalleN apologises for the whole ordeal but supports fer's blatantly disrespectful behaviour towards FURIA.

A day after the Brazilian teams MIBR and FURIA engaged in a heated exchange of statements on Twitter due to the heavily discussed ‘round-reset’ controversy, MIBR’s captain FalleN has come forth and made a series of statements on the matter.

FalleN About The Round-Reset Controversy

FalleN via a series of Tweets tries to explain his point of view on the whole ‘round-reset’ controversy. He puts forth the following points in a bid to end the controversy which has brought to the community’s attention a long-standing issue that has been heavily criticized by multiple recognized personalities as well.

  • He starts off by saying that CS:GO is a competitive game and at the end of the day victory is everyone’s goal. But at the same time, the game must be played in a fair manner while maintaining a state of harmony with the opponents.

    Recognizing the fact that there is no competition alone he goes on to congratulate all the other teams they compete with, giving a special mention to FURIA and other Brazilian teams for raising the stage of the competition in the local circuit.
FalleN Speaks Up On The Round-Reset Controversy Involving FURIA
  • Talking about the current controversy between the two teams he states that “It will not be a slip or misunderstanding that will create a hole where it does not need to exist. Inside the server, we will always fight but with no reason for anything else.”

    FalleN clarifies that he is still backing his team in everything that transpired as he goes on to explain his intention behind uploading the video. He just wanted to raise a question against a rule that does not make sense as he says that “damage to the opponent should not prevent a game from being restarted.”

  • Acknowledging that his way of addressing the issue might not have been perfect, he felt that it was important to raise this issue. He further apologizes for the series of events that were triggered due to this, requesting the same from FURIA as well.

  • Finally, addressing the situation regarding how Fernando “fer” Alvarenga reacted to the situation in a very crass manner. Fallen actually backed him up by saying that “You know fer and there is no half-truth and half words with him. He said what he felt and I respect that a lot. Those who do not know him will find it exaggerated.”
FalleN Speaks Up On The Round-Reset Controversy Involving FURIA

FalleN is the only player from MIBR who has come forth and addressed the ‘round-reset’ controversy in such a manner. He has tried to end the controversy while pointing out that the main intention was to bring an unfair and questionable rule relating to a ‘round-reset’ in front of everyone.

Though him backing up fer might not look good what FalleN has said about him is quite true. This is not the first time that fer has acted out in such a manner as one Reddit user has rightly pointed out a few instances where the Brazilian has definitely crossed the line.

He has failed to mend his character even after being embroiled in a recent controversy where a few of his live stream audience called him out for making racist remarks.

Hopefully, the controversy which has managed to spark multiple conversations regarding an immediate change to the ‘round-reset’ rule will now die down. It will be interesting to see the two teams in question go up against each other once more in the tournament as FURIA is still very much alive in the competition.

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