Fer Blatantly Disrespects FURIA as Brazilian CS:GO Drama Rages on Twitter

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Fer Blatantly Disrespects FURIA as Brazilian CS:GO Drama Rages on Twitter

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  • Players from MIBR and FURIA Esports exchange blows on Twitter.

  • Fer goes on to blatantly call FURIA Esports shit, as the majority of the community members condemn his actions.

  • The conflict started when an already intense and hyped matchup faced a morality issue concerning sportsmanship and fairness, more details below. 

The Brazilian derby match between MIBR and FURIA Esports at the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals which was already pretty hyped took a turn for the worse, as the two teams went all out against each other both in-game and on Twitter.

Both the teams had the enthusiastic Brazilian crowd divided between them, as the intense rivalry went beyond the game on to Twitter with Fernando "fer" Alvarenga point-blank stating that FURIA is shit.

The direct assault on social media by fer was a result of something that had taken place between the two teams earlier during the game. Majority of the users felt that this aggressive comment by fer was totally uncalled for as they discussed how time and again the player has crossed a line and has failed to amend any changes to his character.

While playing the first game of the series on Inferno, MIBR had undergone a technical problem in the 25th round where the whole team had frozen for about 10 seconds, resulting in fer getting fragged by FURIA.

Following this incident, MIBR has requested the round to be restarted but FURIA apparently denied to do so. This was followed by FURIA reportedly getting ‘pressured’ on Twitter after which they agreed to restart the round.

But this ticked off the MIBR players because they believed that FURIA obliged to restart the round to look good and not in the spirit of keeping the game fair, lacking the basic sportsmanship.

According to the tournament rules, after 'damage' is taken in the round if any 'issue' occurs, the round will proceed to continue and will also be counted if the 'outcome' of the round can still be determined.

Fer Blatantly Disrespects FURIA as Brazilian CS:GO Drama Rages on Twitter

Hence it was totally up to FURIA to decide whether the round should be restarted or not as CS:GO commentator Mohan "launders" Govindasamy also backs this up by saying that, "FURIA had every right to not reset the round on Inferno."

A majority of the community members were not happy with what went down between the two teams as they are of the opinion that decisions like these should not be left up to the teams, match admins who are like referees should be in charge of making such decisions as teams will constantly be under pressure and will be heavily criticised for their decisions.

Fer Blatantly Disrespects FURIA as Brazilian CS:GO Drama Rages on Twitter

The round in question was actually quite crucial for MIBR because it was there own map pick and the score was levelled at ‘12-12’, so the team winning the round would have gotten the advantage and this could have potentially been a game-changing round. As proved by MIBR later who not only won the round after it was restarted but even managed to close the map with a ‘16-14’ victory.

Fer Blatantly Disrespects FURIA as Brazilian CS:GO Drama Rages on Twitter

MIBR quite angry after what took place on Inferno, about which some members were quite vocal on Twitter went on to win the second map on Vertigo with a ‘16-9’ scoreline. With this, MIBR moves on to the semifinals as FURIA drop down to the lower bracket of the tournament.

Let’s see if FURIA can proceed further into the tournament from their current position and face off against MIBR once again, in what would be an extremely competitive faceoff!

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