Valve Reportedly Responds to Jamppi's Lawsuit

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 10 Jun 2020, 02:11 PM

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: ENCE

  • Valve has finally responded to the lawsuit filed against them by currently VAC banned pro player Jamppi.

  • The details of the response are currently unknown.

  • More information will be available on 15th June when Jamppi's lawyer makes a statement on the situation.

The much-awaited response from Valve concerning the lawsuit filed against them by the Finnish prodigy Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen requesting them to remove the life long ban imposed upon him from participating in Valve sponsored tournaments like the CS:GO Majors along with fine of €268,092 has finally been received, and it looks like Valve is going to fight it out in the court.

As per the information received by Ilta-Sanomat from the District Court of Easter Uusimaa (Southwest region of Finland) Valve has responded to the lawsuit filed against them. There is no definite proof of this at the moment as all the documents pertaining to the case are being kept a secret for time being, while Jamppi’s lawyer is also silent on the whole incident.

According to a statement given by Hannu Kalkas (Jamppi’s lawyer) to Ilta-Sanomat, he says that he will not be commenting on the matter now and that “We make a statement with these prospects on June 15th.”

While the 18-year-old is busy playing for the Finnish esports organization ENCE who signed him more than a month back in late April, his father Petri Olkkonen is handling the case on his behalf. Petri in his earlier statement had clearly said that “Damages incurred are not the main thing, but the lifting of the boy's ban is very much important.”

On the same note, when Kalkas was asked what would happen about the damage fee if Valve agreed to lift the ban before the court’s judgement, the lawyer remained tight-lipped and did not make any comments.

Though Jamppi has signed a two-year contract with ENCE and the organisation has promised full support to him against the removal of his ban, he will not be able to play with them in the upcoming cs_summit 6 Online: Europe which is the second Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournament.

More clarity on the matter can be expected by early next week when Jamppi's lawyer makes a statement on the situation, giving us a lot more information about Valve's stance on the state of affairs as it is.

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