CS:GO Source 2 Update Might be Coming Within the next few Days According to Speculations

CS:GO Source 2 Update Might be Coming Within the next few Days According to Speculations

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Tyler McVicker speculates that CS:GO Source 2 might be arriving within the next few days.

  • He gives a brief list of features that we may get along with the update, which will arrive as a separate feature in the form of a beta.

  • Tyler states that the true potential of the Source 2 port will be noticed after a period of 6-12 months.

The much-awaited and highly anticipated CS:GO Source 2 update which according to previous rumours was supposed to be released in the month of May, might now be just ‘round the corner according to the latest speculations made by Tyler McVicker (creator of Valve News Network),  hinting that the update might be coming in the next few days.

According to the statements made by Tyler McVicker in his recent Twitch stream, he said that “CS:GO Source 2 is closer than we think,” as he went on to say that it might arrive by this Wednesday or Thursday.

“Something that I want to talk about in relation to the CS:GO Source 2 update is, temper your expectations guys, Jesus!” said Tyler, reasoning that the update is not ‘CS:GO 2’ and that users should not speculate over the top things to come along with the update.

He further went on to list a few things that might and might not be included along with this update like, 

  • Maybe better Shadows.

  • Dust and fog, “Which by the way you had in Source 1 - CS:GO and the pros asked for it to be removed.”

  • Maybe a new map or update to a pre-existing map, “We have been talking how Malitia might be remade, something they may do is remake a map using the capabilities of Source 2 engine and that will look cool.”

  • No new operations as the previous one just ended and it was pretty massive in itself. Though the next one will definitely be making its way within the next 2 years.

While the community might be excited about the upcoming update, Tyler slams everyone with a dose of reality by stating that, “You are going to have so many more problems introduced within the game, that it makes me think a lot of you don’t understand what an engine port is.”

The update which might be arriving soon according to the speculations will be introduced as a separate additional feature in the form of a beta, which Tyler describes as being something which will play as “The worst version of CS:GO that you currently have, and it will take Valve multiple months of it being in open beta as a separate branch before they can publish it as anything that is concrete, and even then it is not remastered, it is not a remake, so it is going to look the same.”

He goes on to reveal that the real effect of the Source 2 port will be noticed 6-12 month after because that is when “There will be a few maps released that really take advantage of the new tools (Source 2 Hammer) that developers will be seeing.”

But despite all the information given above and the speculations being stronger than ever before, at the end of the day it is all just a maybe until Valve actually announces something concrete or just surprises us by dropping the update itself.

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