CS:GO User Trolls Fans by Hinting that he Found Cache while Digging through Source 2 Files

CS:GO User Trolls Fans by Hinting that he Found Cache while Digging through Source 2 Files

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Correction Note: We mistakenly reported that the user found Cache while digging through Source 2 files when in reality the map was actually ported over/recreated by the user on the engine.

  • A Twitter user jokingly claimed to have found assets related to the CS:GO map Cache while digging through some Source 2 files, when in reality the map was simply ported over to Source 2.

  • The original creator of the map FMPONE plays along in a response to the post.

  • Earlier it was speculated that CS:GO might be getting the 'Source 2 - Update' in the next few months. 

A Twitter user who goes by the name of ‘Gabe Follower’ claimed that while going through some Source 2 files he found the Cache map when in reality he had simply just ported the map to Source 2. The tweet did catch a few of us off-guard, who thought that the user was being serious, as he went on to share his work with the original creator of the map Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling.

In a short video uploaded on Twitter, Gabe Follower who creates content around anything related to Valve takes everyone on a short tour of a map which is none other than Cache itself, referring to the ported map as 'really strange'.

FMPONE who is one of the original creators of the map acknowledged the post, as he played along stating that “Sorry, never seen that map.” 

CS:GO User Trolls Fans by Hinting that he Found Cache while Digging through Source 2 Files

There have been strong speculations since quite some time about CS:GO being ported over to the Source 2 engine, with the update being set to come out before the end of this year. Talking about Cache, FMPONE just dropped a 1v1 warmup arena on Cache for Wingman, which has been made available in the Workshop as well.

Since the release of VALORANT's closed beta things seem to have sped up from CS:GO’s side as well, with developers quickly pushing out an update in which the much anticipated and highly requested Krieg nerf was implemented along with the balancing of some other weapons, apart from this two new maps were introduced to the game, and now the community believes that the ‘Source 2 - Update’ might possibly be just ‘round the corner.

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