ESIC and ESL Issue 7 Months Ban to 19 Year Old CS:GO Pro for Cheating

ESIC and ESL Issue 7 Months Ban to 19 Year Old CS:GO Pro for Cheating

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Emil “EmilShe1n” Mamedov has been issued a 7 months ban by ESIC and ESL after he was caught cheating at the ESL CS:GO Premiership Autumn season.

  • The incident occurred while playing a match against Team nerdRage, as EmilShe1n was able to gather potential tactical information about the economy of the opponent team.

  • EmilShe1n already faces a ban from playing on FACEIT as he was caught cheating back in 2016.  

Professional CS:GO player from Azerbaijan Emil “EmilShe1n” Mamedov has been banned for 7 months from all ESL and ESIC regulated tournaments, as the player was caught cheating by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) after an investigation was carried against him.

According to the investigation, during a technical timeout taken by Team VAC due to one of their player having internet issues while playing a best-of-one against Team nerdRage on 28th April, EmilShe1n who plays for Team VAC was spotted “in the tournament’s twitch channel commenting within the chat section.”

From here he was able to “potentially pass on tactical information to his teammates about the economy of the opponent team, nerdRage.” Though there was a delay of 3.5 minutes in the broadcast, as the technical pause ran for seven minutes “there was enough time to gain information that could be used to gain an advantage.”

ESIC stated that “The player should not have looked at the Twitch stream at all.” As they went on to punish him for breaking rules under section 2.11.2 and 2.2.3 of the ESIC code. The punishment consists of,

  • Overruling of match result by awarding team nerdRage the default win.

  • Two major penalty points given to Team VAC, resulting in a 20% reduction of potential prize money.

  • Player Emil “EmilShe1n” Mamedov receives a competitive ban from all  ESL and all ESIC regulated tournaments till the end of the ESL CS:GO Premiership Autumn season, 29th November 2020.

EmilShe1n has had quite a troublesome past as he is currently facing a ban on FACEIT as well, for cheating back in 2016, which he has publicly accepted in a TwitLonger post that he made in January this year.

In a Reddit post made by u/n4bzor two years ago, the user has listed a couple of FACEIT accounts associated with the player that have have been “banned for cheating”, along with listing multiple Steam accounts which have been VAC banned and are allegedly owned by EmilShe1n.

The 19-year-old had earlier appealed to FACEIT for lifting his ban from the platform but looking at the current state of thing, it looks unlikely that they would be allowing him on the platform anytime soon.

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