CS:GO Player Outplays Spin Bot using a Negev

CS:GO Player Outplays Spin Bot using a Negev

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 

We have all come across our fair share of cheaters while playing CS:GO, these guys come in all shapes and sizes. While some go all out by using a spin bot, a few others go for a subtler maphack or an audio exploit, and though we usually feel powerless playing against cheaters as in the majority of cases it is hopeless to find victory against them, a CS:GO user seems to have defied this norm according to this video by u/BuBuCim.

A CS:GO player using the pin-point suppressive firepower offered by the Negev was able to obtain a kill against a cheater who was using a spin bot in-game. Playing on Vertigo and holding the corner on ‘T-Mid’ behind ‘Ladders’, the player while holding down the trigger on the Negev slowly turned the corner to kill the spin bot as soon as it came into vision, which he followed up by taking another kill.

It is usually impossible to play against a spin bot due to the auto-aim activated which kills the opponent as soon as they are spotted, the opponent is fragged extremely fast without having a chance to react to it. Even in this clip, though the user is able to kill the cheater with the Negev, it is only because of the advantage he holds and even after that, he takes some damage.

While I have always failed to achieve an upper hand against someone using a spin bot, this player has shown that nothing is impossible for the Negev, and it might actually be the sole reason behind the bots picking up the weapon ever so often.

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