CS:GO Audio Exploit by Polish Youtuber gets Hundreds of Players Banned from FACEIT

CS:GO Audio Exploit by Polish Youtuber gets Hundreds of Players Banned from FACEIT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO players get influenced by a Polish Youtube video showcasing an audio exploit, which results in hearing footsteps more loudly.

  • Hundreds of players implement the following exploit on FACEIT, resulting in them facing a permanent ban from the platform.

  • Youtuber apologises while also taking down the video, revealing that he had got the idea from a video made by another popular CS:GO Youtuber called Sparkles. 

A popular Polish Youtuber who goes by the name of ‘Mefju23’ might be responsible for getting hundreds of CS:GO players permanently banned from FACEIT, due to a video of his which showcased audio exploit through which players could increase the sound of things like enemy footsteps, weapon drop sounds and other such audio cues.

In the Polish video, the Youtuber had shown an exploit which involved editing a file by the name of ‘Soundmixers.txt’ and changing the values of certain parameters, which led to an increase in footstep audio.

Though the Youtuber had warned that tweaking the audio settings was risky and could be a bannable offence, several users have apparently gone ahead and used the audio exploit on FACEIT, resulting in the platform issuing a permanent ban against more than 400 accounts, labelling these bans as ‘cheating-game exploit’.

CS:GO Audio Exploit by Polish Youtuber gets Hundreds of Players Banned from FACEIT

The Youtuber has since posted an update on the situation on his Facebook page warning everyone to not use the exploit from ‘Soundixers.txt’ on FACEIT as “A lot of people are texting me right now that they got permanently banned for it.”

Mefju23 was furious about FACEIT placing a permanent ban for such basic audio exploit, calling it “Ridiculous” while explaining the functioning of the exploit by saying that “Editing this file could match the pre-existing sound settings in the game to max, which would make us hear the footsteps just as loud (except that we would spoil our hearing through other sounds like that of the gun and other misbalanced sounds).”

He went on to apologize for his actions, revealing that many players have been banned due to his video, and though they had been warned earlier “Unfortunately, all I can do is say ‘sorry’.”

In further edits, the player revealed that he had taken down the video from his Youtube channel so as to minimise the damage while revealing that he had learned about the exploit through a video made by popular CS:GO Youtuber Sparkles.

CS:GO Audio Exploit by Polish Youtuber gets Hundreds of Players Banned from FACEIT

Edit: All quotes from Mefju23 have been translated from Polish to English using Google Translate.

The quick action taken by FACEIT might seem harsh but it also showcases their zero-tolerance policy towards hacks and exploits which might result in a negative experience for the other players on the platform. This is a sound reminder of why players should not try to tinker around with the settings, which they very well know are restricted and fall under the category of an exploit.

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