"VALORANT is going to be the feeder of Counter-Strike, not vice-versa" - Richard Lewis on Future of the two Games

"VALORANT is going to be the feeder of Counter-Strike, not vice-versa" - Richard Lewis on Future of the two Games

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Richard Lewis talks about how VALORANT is good for CS:GO's growth.

  • He states that once players realise that all the good things about VALORANT are there in CS:GO, where someone cannot blow them up with a bazooka, they will move over to the game.

  • He thinks that this is how CS:GO will get its next generation of users.

Popular esports journalist, host, and analyst Richard Lewis while comparing VALORANT to CS:GO states that the tactical shooter might actually be great for Counter-Strike's growth. He has come up with a theory stating that, after people are done playing VALORANT and come in terms with its negatives outweighing the positives, they are automatically going to turn towards Counter-Strike.

Richard said that though people think that CS:GO players are going to move over to VALORANT, it is not going to be the case, explaining himself by stating the following example,

“How many people are gonna play VALORANT, see the lack of depth, see the terrible map design, but really like the gunplay, really like the stakes, and go, if only there was a game like this where some f**king c**t could not blow me up with a bazooka. And Counter-Strike is going to go, Hey!”

He further said that the game has been around for 20 years and “is the best game ever invented on the internet,” so the players will automatically be attracted towards it and this way, the players from all the other battle royales will be introduced to a “hardcore esports game.”

“That’s how we are going to get the next generation. VALORANT is going to be the feeder of Counter-Strike, not vice-versa. Never vice-versa!”

While this ideology is certainly in contrast to all the others that have been discussed up until this point, the CS:GO community has observed Valve implementing various changes, since the release of VALORANT. But it is still early to say how the character-based shooter will grow as an esport, with Riot Games’ giving just a basic outline of what is to come next without revealing anything concrete.

Counter-Strike has been showing strong growth in its userbase since November last year, recently achieving a peak of more than 1.3 million concurrent players to beat Dots 2’s all-time highest peak. It will be interesting to see if this growth is affected by VALORANT in the next few months.

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