CS:GO Player Throws AWP Across Half the Map Precisely to his Teammate on Anubis

CS:GO Player Throws AWP Across Half the Map Precisely to his Teammate on Anubis

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO never fails to surprise us with players coming across plenty of bugs, tricks, and astounding plays on the daily, which is shared with the community so that others could try it out as well and fail miserably doing so. One such instance was recently shared on Reddit by u/JammersHammers, who passed an AWP precisely into the hands of his teammate across half the map on Anubis.

Playing CT-side on Anubis and loosing miserably against a bunch of hackers, on possibly the last round of the match the user decided to toss a HE Grenade in front of him, followed by throwing his AWP on top of the grenade. This resulted in the weapon being flung away due to the explosion, as it travelled a hell of a long-distance across the map straight into the hands of his teammate who was rushing the opposition.

The user never actually intended for this to happen, which is pretty evident by the title of the post which states that “we messed around and this happened.” It was an incredibly brilliant mistake by the user, which resulted in such a well time weapon transfer, and the hype behind it is pretty evident in the comment section of the post.

The interaction between how the weapon would react to a grenade explosion is unpredictable and it is nearly impossible to recreate such a gimmick with guaranteed accuracy. And those who have achieved something similar know how good it feels to have done something that not even the pros can recreate.

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