CS:GO Beats Dota 2's Highest Player Peak by Achieving more than 1.3 Million Concurrent Players

CS:GO Beats Dota 2's Highest Player Peak by Achieving more than 1.3 Million Concurrent Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO crosses all-time player peak of Dota 2 by a difference of roughly 6,000 players.

  • CS:GO creates a new record by achieving a peak of 1,301,348 concurrent players.

  • CS:GO which had achieved a peak of 1.1 million concurrent players at the end of March, has already crossed the 1.3 million mark within 18 days.

CS:GO has now gone on to beat the all-time concurrent player peak of Dota 2 by a margin of about 6,000 users, as the veteran first-person shooter goes on to break all previous records to attain a concurrent player peak of 1,301,348.

With this, the average concurrent player count has gone up to 808,481.2 which is also a new record for CS:GO. The game has observed a gain of around 130,000 users in the last 30-days despite Operation Shattered Web coming to an end, which was a big concern relating to the game’s growth that has not slowed down since November last year.

Even the release of VALORANT’s closed beta which was launched on 7th April, could not hinder CS:GO’s growth as the game managed to beat its previous record, by crossing the 1.3 million mark. This could be due to the weapon balance along with the multitude of map changes which came into effect recently, that finally nerfed the Krieg while buffing up some other weapons to give rise to a new meta.

Along with CS:GO performing this well, even Steam is enjoying record-breaking users on its platform. As it crossed more than 24.5 million concurrent users to create a new record on 5th April. With CS:GO crossing the 1.1 million mark at the end of March, and then taking just 18 more days to crush the 1.3 million mark, it looks like the game will be able to reach a peak of well over 1.4 million concurrent users by the end of this month.

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