Latest CS:GO Update Nerfs SG533 while Balancing some Other Weapons

Latest CS:GO Update Nerfs SG533 while Balancing some Other Weapons

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO developers have finally nerfed the SG533.

  • Multiple weapons undergo balance update by undergoing various tweaks.

  • Certain maps also undergo different changes. 

The SG533 has finally been nerfed in the latest CS:GO update, which has brought with it plenty of changes to other weapons as well. In the update, AUG, M4A1-S, Deagle, Tec-9, and Bizon were also balanced along with the T-sided scoped rifle.

While the cost of the SG533 still remains the same its rate of fire and accuracy has been reduced in order to bring the weapon’s value to be more in line with other rifles. All other weapons mentioned above were buffed in various ways as follows,

  • Standing accuracy for the AUG while unscoped has been improved along with a slight reduction in scoped accuracy.

  • M4A1-S witnessed a reduction in its price to $2900.

  • Deagle’s accuracy while jumping has been improved, while the time taken to recover accuracy after the player lands has been lowered.

  • Tec-9 underwent a reduction in its firing inaccuracy.

  • While one of the least used weapons in CS:GO, Bizon’s armour penetration has been increased.

The CS:GO community along with a lot of professional players will be quite pleased with this update, as the Krieg has finally been nerfed. But little had anyone expected that it would be paired up with multiple other weapons getting tweaked, in order to balance the gameplay.

This might possibly shift the meta going ahead, and teams would need to adapt quickly to it as quite a few important tournaments have been lined up in the coming months, with Road to Rio acting as the first qualifier for the Rio Majors, while also giving qualification points for ESL One: Cologne 2020.

Other changes in the update were directed towards multiple maps like Anubis, Inferno, Office, Overpass, Chlorine, and Mirage. Some important map changes were,

  • Anubis moving from Scrimmage to Competitive mode.

  • Wall by door to A site balcony is bingelibangable on Inferno.

  • Bombsite A backdrop on Overpass has been reworked.

  • Default CT player model on Chlorine has been changed to FBI.

To read the full patch notes click here. Let’s see how the following changes affect the gameplay going ahead, which teams adapt to it quickly and who are left behind in the dust playing catch-up.

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