User finds a Bug on Inferno which Allows Players to Solo Boost in Banana

User finds a Bug on Inferno which Allows Players to Solo Boost in Banana

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Even after more than a decade, there are different types of bugs and glitches that are encountered by CS:GO players every now and then. This time, a user was able to self boost himself in ‘Banana’ on Inferno, giving him a proper view of ‘Head Box’ along with the path leading into the ‘B Site’, all the while hiding from anyone who might be near the ‘Sandbags’ position.

Reddit user ‘Atek_k’ uploaded a video where he simply runs up to the wall in front of the ‘Head Box’ and after carefully lining himself with the wall, jumps up, suspending himself in the air possibly due to a bug called ‘pixel surf spot’ at that particular position.

While this bug will hopefully be fixed by Valve quickly, users were busy discussing the impact this would have had on the overall gameplay, speculating if the aim would be accurate from that position or not.

Such bugs have surfaced before as well and have become part and parcel of what Valve developers strive to get rid of as soon as they have been spotted, in order to maintain the integrity of the game. Have you had the opportunity to try this solo boost yet?

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